Persuasive Essay on The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Social Interactions

Persuasive Essay on The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Social Interactions


Inconsistent sleep patterns have long been linked to a range of psychological and physical issues, including poor academic performance. However, recent research sheds light on a less-explored aspect: the impact of sleep deprivation on social interactions. Despite the well-established understanding of sleep’s importance, this essay delves into the specific realm of social behavior, particularly the interconnection between sleep deprivation and the human inclination to assist one another.

The Health Ramifications of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is recognized for its association with increased risks of cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, hypertension, and overall mortality. Numerous studies underscore the connection between short sleep duration and compromised mental health, with sleep disruptions often manifesting in various mental health disorders. The link between insufficient sleep and suicidal tendencies is well-documented. While previous research has primarily focused on the individual’s mental and physical well-being, recent findings illuminate a new dimension: the profound impact of sleep deprivation on our fundamental social conscience, diminishing our inclination to help others (Grandner, 2017).

The Correlation Between Sleep Deprivation and Altruistic Motivation

One facet of the study demonstrated a tangible decrease in charitable giving during the week following the commencement of Daylight Saving Time. States that lose an hour due to this time shift exhibited a 10% reduction in charitable contributions—an effect not observed in states without clock adjustments or during the return to standard time in the fall. Led by UC Berkeley researchers Eti Ben Simon and Matthew Walker, the study contributes to mounting evidence suggesting that inadequate sleep not only jeopardizes individual well-being but also compromises social bonds and altruistic sentiments at a societal level (Sanders, 2022). Even a slight sleep deprivation, such as the loss of a single hour linked to daylight saving time, has a measurable impact on people’s generosity and, consequently, the functioning of a connected society.

Interestingly, the study revealed that the decline in helping behavior caused by sleep loss was consistent, regardless of whether the situation involved aiding a stranger or someone familiar. This indicates that the impact of sleep loss on altruistic actions transcends different social contexts, challenging previous assumptions about the role of interpersonal familiarity in influencing prosocial behavior (Simon et al., 2022).


Despite its pivotal role in physical, mental, and emotional well-being, sleep is often undervalued in society. The consequences are not limited to sleep-deprived professionals and students; they extend to unkind and less empathic interactions in our daily lives. In developed nations, over half of the population reports insufficient sleep during the work week. Society should discard the notion that sleep is dispensable and, without shame, prioritize obtaining adequate sleep. Promoting sleep, rather than stigmatizing those who prioritize it, can significantly shape the social bonds we experience daily. Sleep emerges as a potent catalyst for prosocial, connected, empathetic, kind, and generous human behavior. In these tumultuous times, fostering such behavior becomes essential for a society that aspires to bring out the best in itself.


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