Writing a Brilliant College Application Essay

Writing a Brilliant College Application Essay

Writing a Brilliant College Application Essay

Writing a strong non plagiarized admission essay can be much easier if you know what exactly the representatives of admission committee are looking for. This article explains the key aspects of writing a college application essay and offers  advice on how to make your admission essay the one that will get you to the school of your dream.

The topics for a college application essay can be divided into three types: “Tell me about yourself;” “Why do you want to attend our college?” and “Discuss the problem.”

Let’s have a closer look at each of these essay types.

1. Tell me about yourself

The goal of this college application essay is to present you as a successful person and show your abilities, experience, and achievements.

How to write college application essay

The most complicated part in writing this type of an essay is to get focused on one or two events (stories) that can describe you as a successful person. Don’t try to provide as many different facts about yourself as you can possible imagine. They will only make readers confused. Here is a tip from OwnEssays.com: develop a storyline that starts with your decision to choose a certain occupation and ends with the present moment when you are writing this essay.

2. Why do you want to attend a particular college?

There are two main parts, which you have to discuss in your college application essay. These are

  1. Your goals;
  2. The knowledge of the college you are applying to.

How to write your college application essay

Highlight the factors that will help you choose your future occupation and educational institution. According to the the rules of writing an admission essay, the easiest way to stand out among other student-candidates is to write about the advantages of your future profession and benefits of studying at the college or university you are about to enter.

3. Discuss the problem

When writing a non plagiarized essay, your aim is to show your strong analytical and creative skills. The main advice here is to consider the problem/issue from your own perspective and support this point with strong piece of evidence (preferably something relevant and interesting). Your position may not be conformist, but it must be reasonable. 

How to write your college application essay:

The key element of an admission essay is an effective thesis statement. Look at the custom Barnes and Noble vision statement. This is the perfect example. Another important element is the structure. Your paper will be short, and hence you should go with a standard three paragraph essay.

Our writer created these tips on writing a strong custom non plagiarized application essay

Writing a brilliant college application essay

1. Start with an attention grabber.

Begin your admission essay with a story or statement that represents you and explains your desire to earn a major in a particular discipline you have chosen. This information should also be interesting to a reader, attract their attention, and make them want to read your essay. Consider the following example of an attention grabber:

Whom will you be when you grow up, son? This is a difficult question for a six-year-old boy. And yet, when my father asked me about my future profession, I only thought for a minute and then answered him with a bright smile, “I will become an entrepreneur , just like you, daddy!”

In these few sentences, a student illustrated showed that he made a decision to study Economics at least a decade ago, and he also explained that he had the example of his own father to influence such a choice of a future major. 

2. Explain why you are unique. 

Universities look for students who are special. In your admission essay, you will need to prove that you will become the perfect addition to the particular school. In other words, you should answer the question, “What is it in you that makes you unique?” Our writers advise writing about your talents and special skills in this section, while also being concise and using interesting examples.

Provide evidence. For instance, show that you are an experienced leader by writing about your experience in music festival organization. 

Buy custom essay from a reliable essay writing company if you’re ever in doubt. 

3. Explain why this university fits your plans. 

The university may be a reputable institution that has numerous faculties and equipment you need for studying. You may also like that particular college or university because it is small and cozy. Another good idea is to mention that your father, uncle, or mother have graduated from that university and received priceless experience. You can always hire a professional editor or writer if you need help with your college application essay. 

4. Proofread.

Even if the structure and content of your admission essay are totally perfect, spelling or grammar mistakes can ruin the positive impression for a sophisticated reader like the college admission board. That is why you should ask a professional writer or editor to proofread your college application essay. Do not your English teacher, your friends, your parents, or grandparents. Only professional editors who have been trained in the subject will give you a valuable opinion that will make your college application essay sound professional.

5. Check your essay for plagiarism. 

According to admission guidelines posted by most universities, students need to submit original college application essays. We recommend using Turnitin as a golden standard of the academic writing; what is more, the program is used by most academic institutions to check their students’ works for originality.

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