Essay Writing Procedure

Essay Writing Procedure

• Make sure you have a good grasp of the essay question before you get down to essay writing. Single out every key word in the essay question so that you will know what to concentrate on as you write essay. Essay questions seldom consist of just one part, so make sure you are aware of all the questions involved. Determine the type of essay that best reflects the subject matter and how best to begin to write essay by reading instructions such as “explain”, “discuss”, “compare”, or “give your opinion”.

• Collect information on the subject matter from books, magazines, newspapers, and the internet, and take rough notes. Use Internet to search for various examples and stories on how to write essay, e.g. write essay on human resource management, how to write essay on hrm, write essay on international relations, write essay on  international trade, write essay on  IT, write essay on law, write essay on leadership studies, write essay on  linguistics, write essay on  literature, write essay on  American literature, how to write essay on  English literature, learn to write essay on  Russian literature, write essay on  management, write essay on  marketing, write essay on  mathematics, write essay on medicine, write essay on nutrition, write essay on diet.

At this stage, remember to take down the sources used, the titles, authors, websites, publishers, and dates of publication. These will go to compile your bibliography later on.

• Plan your essay out by outlining the order of presentation of your ideas and information. The order must be logical and easy to follow. Every item in the plan should become a detailed paragraph (or several paragraphs) in the final version of your essay.

• Write a detailed draft of your essay in the preplanned order. Use formal, simple, clear, and concise language. In writing the draft, keep looking back at your essay question to stay on the right track. As you write, keep rereading what you have written to make sure there is a logical order to your ideas and information. To hone your writing skills, write essays on diverse topics. For example, write essay on  philosophy, write essay on  physics, write essay on poetry, write essay on political science, write essay on psychology, write essay on  public administration, write essay on  public relations, write essay on  religious studies, write essay on  Shakespeare, write essay on  social work, write essay on  sociology, write essay on  sports, write essay on  statistics, write essay on  technology, write essay on  feminism, write essay on  sex studies, write essay on  gay studies, write essay on  gender studies, write essay on  women. In the process, correct any spelling, punctuation, or wording mistakes.

• Provide references throughout the body of the essay as you go, especially if you are using the material written by others. A proper reference should contain the author’s name and the title of their work, either in brackets after the quote or as footnotes.

• Triple-check the draft as you write essay. Remove any mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, or paragraph layout.

• HINT: one of the most important steps in essay writing is making sure the introduction and conclusion spark the interest of the reader and help guide them into and out of the essay.

Write or type up the final copy of the essay. Provide a bibliography of all sources of information used. Arrange the bibliography in the alphabetical order of the authors’ last names. Apart from last name(s), every item on the bibliography list must contain the source’s title, publisher, and date of publication or website address.

Reread the completed essay one last time to remove any persistent errors, and make sure the front page has your name on it before turning your work in.

The Day I Woke Up Being Mrs. Jennings: PART II

The first part of this story demonstrated key features of essay writing. The short story laid out in the previous article contained an introduction, a paragraph 1, and a paragraph 2. Today we discuss the second part, which presents a further development of the scene and comprises a paragraph 3, a climax, and a conclusion. 

Development (Paragraph 3):

As the sun rose and the classroom became hotter and hotter, I could feel the moisture leaving my body. I felt terrible because students kept approaching me and asking me for advice on how to write essay on every imaginable subject in the world: “Mrs. Jennigs, how do I write essay, how do I write essay on accounting, can you help me write an application letter, please help me write essay on architecture, write essay on art, or write essay on aviation.” I even had a young student ask me how to write essay on biology, write essay on business studies, write essay on chemistry, write essay on civil engineering, write essay on English literature, write essay on  music, and write essay on communications. Gosh, did it make me feel miserable! “I’m a former English teacher. Former, you hear? All I care about now is American literature and how in the world I have turned into a chubby middle-age woman,” I thought. I looked up at other teachers in the room earlier that morning. They seemed hardly bothered at all, but when I looked down at the students – some of them smelling fragrant and looking delicate – I realized that they were in trouble. At their current level of development, they stood no chance at getting ahead in life, regardless of whether or not they knew how to write essay and of whether or not they had any idea what constituted good essay writing skills. When they graduated, their CV’s would be rejected by top companies, their wages would fall below average, and their lives would be miserable. The sun continued to rise, the heat becoming more intense, and my soul dried further.

Climax: (Paragraph 4):

In the mid-afternoon, I noticed a police car and two officers outside my classroom window. In 5 minutes, a dean and two police officers came into my classroom. They said they were looking for a bank robber who, supposedly, was hiding on the campus. So here I was, standing in the middle of the large room and teaching students how to write essays on American literature as they asked me how to write essay on computer science and how to write essay on criminal justice, until the police officers started asking me where to find their robber. Maybe he had escaped the day’s heat to hide in the shade of the trees growing in abundance on the University grounds. Police officers kept questioning me, and the students and I started to get a sense of who their suspect might have been. The pale looking young man whom I hadn’t seen before and who was late for class. I quickly discovered that he wasn’t interested in the lecture or my stories on how to write essay, how to write essay on communications, features of essay writing on computer science, or how to write essay on criminal justice at all. He went up to the last row, opened his big backpack and started looking anxiously out the window. A cat outside made a painful scream, and the strange looking student shuddered. The moment the police came into the classroom, he shuddered even more violently, fearing, perhaps, the fate of other numerous robbers who get caught every day. Before long, the officers were done telling the story of a blatant bank robbery to the whole class. The heat became unbearable. What a daring case! I had always thought that pale young men had been harmless creatures, but now that I had heard the story, I could see things from a different perspective. Was I to turn him in to the police? Did he murder anyone on his escape route? The dean left first. The bigger of the police officers started sweating and soon left the room too. Then the other officer started looking down and between the rows and asking students irrelevant questions. “I am finished. Death, death, death…” was the thought I could read off the strange looking pale boy’s face!!! I did not tell the police anything. The other officer left the room, and the pale young man was safe – for now anyway.

Conclusion: (Paragraph 5):

I took a sigh of relief, releasing a big gush of carbon dioxide into the air. I felt so sorry for the bank clerks who had to suffer through both the terrible heat wave and the terror of an actual robbery. I looked at what was left of my students, and it struck me as a truly shocking scene. Their faces were distorted and wry, mouths half-open, and some pretty girls were crying. Everyone forgot about the lecture, about essay writing, stopped asking questions on how to write essay on English 101, how to write essay on English, how to write essay on environmental studies, and how to write essay on film and theatre. The room was as silent as a drunken monk. And yet, there was him: the pale and strange looking young man, unhurt, untouched, and still healthy, even after his turmoil. I suddenly came to realize that maybe his situation and my appearance weren’t so important after all. Yes, my body was fat, legs a bit swollen, and above all I was in a woman’s body. But perhaps I had been sent in that body of Mrs. Jennings’ to protect the young robber, to be his guardian angel. After all, I was nice while Mrs. Jennings was a horrible, grouchy, and grumpy witch. I gave this boy a chance because I believe that even bank robbers deserve love and sympathy.