Argumentative Essay on The Paradox of Healthcare Costs: Reconciling the Concept of Healthcare as a Human Right with Its Exorbitant Expenses

Argumentative Essay on The Paradox of Healthcare Costs: Reconciling the Concept of Healthcare as a Human Right with Its Exorbitant Expenses


The widespread recognition of healthcare as an essential human right underscores the importance of ensuring universal access to medical services. However, the formidable expenses linked with healthcare provision often present a critical challenge, casting doubts on the practical feasibility and equity of providing affordable healthcare despite its fundamental designation as a human right.

Thesis statement: The paper demonstrates that bridging the gap between healthcare as a human right and its expensive reality demands concerted efforts toward establishing accessible, affordable, and inclusive healthcare systems worldwide.

Healthcare as a Fundamental Right

At its essence, the argument advocating for healthcare as a human right contends that every individual should have unfettered access to sufficient medical care without encountering financial barriers. It embodies the belief that healthcare access is indispensable for upholding human dignity, safeguarding well-being, and fostering social justice. Ideally, healthcare, as a fundamental right, should be universally accessible, cost-effective, and of superior quality, tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals across various socio-economic strata. However, the reality starkly contrasts with this ideal (WHO, 2023).

Expensive Healthcare: Influence of Market Dynamics and Economic Realities

Despite the ethical underpinning that healthcare is a human right, practical implementation often contradicts this principle due to the exorbitant expenses linked to healthcare services. Several factors contribute to these soaring costs, including technological advancements, escalating pharmaceutical expenses, administrative intricacies, and the increasing demand for specialized treatments. Additionally, the privatization and profit-oriented nature of healthcare systems exacerbate financial burdens on both individuals and governments.

The predominant market-driven approach to healthcare frequently clashes with the concept of healthcare as a fundamental human right. The healthcare sector operates within a convoluted system influenced by market forces, resulting in inflated prices, monopolistic practices, and disparities in accessibility (Cohn, 2014). For instance, pharmaceutical corporations prioritize profits via patent protections, leading to inflated medication costs that render essential treatments unaffordable for numerous individuals.

Disparities in Income and Access to Care

Significant disparities in income and wealth distribution profoundly impact individuals’ capacity to afford healthcare services. Those with higher incomes or comprehensive insurance coverage can readily access quality healthcare. In contrast, marginalized communities or individuals lacking adequate insurance encounter substantial barriers to healthcare. This glaring inequality underscores a substantial gap between acknowledging healthcare as a human right and the practical constraints hindering universal access and affordability.


The paradoxical nature of healthcare costs presents a formidable challenge in aligning the principle of healthcare as a human right with the substantial financial burdens associated with obtaining medical services. Closing this gap necessitates comprehensive reforms aimed at establishing equitable, accessible, and affordable healthcare systems worldwide. Reconciling the recognition of healthcare as a human right with the challenging reality of healthcare expenses remains a critical endeavor toward ensuring a fair and just healthcare framework for all. Addressing this disparity requires comprehensive reforms aimed at restructuring healthcare systems, reducing administrative inefficiencies, implementing price regulations, promoting preventive care, and ensuring equitable access for all individuals.


Cohn J. (2014). The paradox of reducing health care spending. Milbank Q., 92(4):656-8. doi: 10.1111/1468-0009.12087.

World Health Organisation (WHO). Access to Medicines and Health Products (2023).

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