Argumentative Essay on The Continuing Relevance of Feminism: Necessity in Contemporary Society

Argumentative Essay on The Continuing Relevance of Feminism: Necessity in Contemporary Society


Feminism, as a movement advocating for gender equality and women’s rights, has been an integral force driving societal change. While strides have been made towards gender parity, the question remains: Is feminism still essential in today’s world? This argumentative essay explores the ongoing relevance and necessity of feminism in the conditions of contemporary society.

The Arguments Against the Necessity to Continue the Feminist Movement

  1. Achievement of Legal Equality: Opponents may argue that in many parts of the world, legal equality between genders has largely been achieved. They may contend that laws ensuring equal rights in areas such as voting, education, employment, and property ownership have been enacted, suggesting that the primary goals of feminism have been largely accomplished.
  2. Changing Societal Norms: Critics might argue that societal norms are evolving naturally without the need for a feminist movement. They may posit that traditional gender roles are gradually shifting due to changing cultural attitudes, thereby reducing the urgency for a specific feminist movement to drive this change
  3. Focus on Men’s Issues: Some critics argue that modern feminism often disregards or sidelines issues faced by men, such as mental health challenges, custody rights, and societal expectations related to masculinity (Western, 2019). They argue for a more inclusive approach that addresses issues affecting all genders rather than focusing solely on women’s rights.
  4. Perception of Extremism: A common critique of contemporary feminism is the perception of radicalism or extremism within certain factions of the movement. Critics argue that extreme ideologies or actions by some feminists may alienate potential supporters and hinder progress towards gender equality.
  5. Global Progress and Priorities: Opponents might argue that in certain regions or societies, issues such as poverty, political instability, or healthcare are more pressing concerns than gender equality. They may suggest that prioritizing other societal challenges over feminism could lead to more immediate and widespread positive impacts.

The Arguments Supporting the View that There Is Still a Continued Fight for Equality

Despite significant progress in various arenas, including education, workplace participation, and legal rights, disparities persist between genders. Women continue to face challenges such as wage gaps, underrepresentation in leadership roles, systemic discrimination, and gender-based violence. These persistent inequalities underscore the ongoing necessity of feminism to address and rectify these issues (Western, 2019).

Challenging Stereotypes and Norms: Feminism challenges societal norms and stereotypes that confine individuals to traditional gender roles. It seeks to dismantle preconceived notions of masculinity and femininity, advocating for a society where individuals are not restricted by rigid gender expectations. By challenging these norms, feminism promotes inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance, fostering a more equitable society for all genders.

Contemporary feminism emphasizes intersectionality, recognizing that gender equality is interconnected with other social identities such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. It acknowledges that women from marginalized communities face compounded discrimination, demanding a more inclusive approach to address various forms of inequality and discrimination.

Legislative and Policy Changes: Feminist advocacy continues to drive legislative and policy changes aimed at protecting and advancing women’s rights. Efforts to secure reproductive rights, combat gender-based violence, promote equal pay, and ensure workplace equity are ongoing battles where feminism plays a crucial role in pushing for legal reforms and policy improvements (Anand, 2023).

Empowerment and Representation: Feminism empowers individuals by amplifying their voices and advocating for representation across various spheres. It seeks to create spaces where women and marginalized genders are heard, valued, and adequately represented in decision-making processes, media, academia, and other influential domains.


In conclusion, feminism remains indispensable in contemporary society due to the persistent gender disparities, societal norms, and structural inequalities that continue to hinder gender equality. It serves as a catalyst for change, striving to create a world where all individuals, regardless of gender, have equal rights, opportunities, and freedoms. However, acknowledging the counterarguments provides a balanced view, highlighting varying perspectives on the necessity and effectiveness of feminism in addressing gender inequality in modern society. The ongoing relevance of feminism lies in its ability to challenge societal norms, advocate for inclusivity, drive policy changes, empower individuals, and pave the way toward a more equitable and just society for all.


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