How to Paraphrase Plagiarism Free Essays Like a King

How to Paraphrase Plagiarism Free Essays Like a King

​​​​​​​It’s not a secret to anyone that university teachers check student essays (as well as non plagiarized term papers and non plagiarized research papers) with special plagiarism detectors. Their main goal is to determine text’s uniqueness. Very often, even the articles written by the author himself may contain plagiarism.

Working with plagiarism free essays and literature as primary sources, students only analyze the available information. They insert citations, compose reference lists, and add fragments taken from different books into their non plagiarized term papers and often forget to paraphrase them properly. This actually reduces the originality of the text. Teachers may even fail such research papers due to the fact that their level of uniqueness is less than required. How to change the text to make it pass plagiarism detector? You will find detailed instruction right below in this article.

There are several important aspects about paraphrasing:

  • Firstly, if you use the original language of another author without changing it, you limit your knowledge. Paraphrasing and summarizing help you partially create the material yourself and learn it better.
  • Secondly, the authors of various plagiarism free essays and non plagiarized research papers have not written their texts specifically for your audience. That is why you should rewrite and remove some points that are not suitable for your readers.
  • Thirdly, materials written by other authors are considered to be their property (such as a house or laptop). If you just copy and paste other people’s texts, you can be accused of content stealing.
What Is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing means writing the text using different words but preserving its original meaning. It is an essential skill, especially for young learners who need to write non plagiarized research papers and plagiarism free essays. Paraphrasing is a good way to confirm your thoughts. However, it is a difficult task because you have to stick to the author’s idea and present it in your own words. There are a few simple stages for effective paraphrasing. In this article, we will share them with you.

Stage #1 Understanding

Read the original sentence and try to understand its key points. Look for the unknown words if necessary. Don’t make any conclusions without reading the whole plagiarism free essay, because they may be wrong. You can only understand the meaning of the sentence if you know about the context it is used in. Buy custom essay online if you’re ever in doubt.

Stage #2 Processing Information

It is important to analyze the text you’ve read, which means breaking it into logical pieces (statements). Try to connect this information to your previous research and the content you already have. Do the facts of your non plagiarized essays correspond? Can you build any rational links?

Stage #3 Writing

Now that you have processed new information and have your own thoughts about it, you should write them all down on the paper or laptop. If you have limited time, you can only write the draft version of the non plagiarized research papers. However, try not to postpone this stage, because you may simply partially forget what you have wanted to write. Don’t look into the source while you are writing. Make it in your own words. Even if your sentences are not perfect, you can check and polish them later.

Stage #4 Comparing

Only after you have written down all of your unique thoughts and paraphrased the material, you can check and compare it to the primary source. Look through both the original and paraphrased texts and check if all the essential information was properly reproduced.  In case you are looking for some concrete percentage of uniqueness or similarity, check your paraphrased non plagiarized term paper with suitable apps and services.  You may still need to rewrite a sentence or two in your non plagiarized essays.  

Stage #5 Citing the Source

Your text may be unique, but its main idea is still the property of another author, so you need to mention his/her name in all your plagiarism free essays. The only information you can use without citing is common knowledge. For instance, if you write that many students use essay writing services or buy custom essay online, it is a common knowledge and there is no ownership of intellectual property related to this information.

Paraphrasing VS Synonymizing

Don’t be confused with synonymizers (also called paraphrase tools). These are the apps that change the source text, by replacing words with their synonyms. Synonymizer websites claim to rephrase the text of any article quickly and qualitatively, but the results they provide can never be satisfying. Remember that paraphrasing is not a just basic replacement of words. To help you understand what a real paraphrasing is, we will provide the examples written by one of our essay writing service authors.

Original text: “The President of the United States Donald Trump signed a decree on tightening the immigration policy.”

Here is the “paraphrased” text, completed with the help of a random synonymizer: “The United States President of the United Country Donald Trump signed a decree on tightening the immigration policy.” Would you use such sentence in your non plagiarized research paper or plagiarized free essay? I really doubt that.

Here is the example of proper synonymizing: “The head of the US signed the announcement about making the immigration rules stricter.” This version is closer to the truth.

And here is the ideal example of paraphrasing: “Donald Trump, the current president of the US, has signed the directive that sets stricter immigration rules.”

Paraphrasing Texts

It is easy to rephrase sentences in your non plagiarized term papers, but, when you deal with a large amount of information, you need to rely on some key words. That is why before starting paraphrasing a paragraph or even page, you need to write down the most important words and phrases from your plagiarism free essay. They will help you keep in mind the main ideas and logical chain of thoughts.

Paraphrasing Services

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