NUTR 1322 Basic Nutrition Lamar University Test Answers

NUTR 1322 Basic Nutrition Lamar University Test Answers

NUTR 1322 Basic Nutrition Lamar University Test Answers


  1. The most common method used to evaluate the adequacy of dialysis treatment is :
a. Blood urea nitrogen
b. Urea kinetic modeling – CORRECT ANSWER
c. Weighing a patient pre- and post-dialysis
d. Pressure gradient


  1. Which of the following is the most common complication of peritoneal dialysis?
a. Hyperglycemia
b. Infection – CORRECT ANSWER
c. Hypotension
d. Hernia


  1. Which of the following is used exclusively to dialyze patients with acute kidney injury?
a. Peritoneal dialysis
b. Hemodialysis
c. Continuous renal replacement therapy – CORRECT ANSWER
d. Pressure gradient


  1. Dialysis offers a life-sustaining treatment option for people with:
a. Kidney stones
b. Kidney infections
c. Stage 1 of chronic kidney disease
d. Stage 5 of chronic kidney disease with renal failure – CORRECT ANSWER



  1. In peritoneal dialysis, the dialysate is infused into a catheter that empties into the peritoneal space which is within:
a. The heart near the lung
b. The stomach near the lung
c. The bladder near the kidneys
d. The abdomen near the intestines – CORRECT ANSWER



  1. In hemodialysis, a machine acting as an artificial kidney is used to clean and filter the blood. The machine is called a:
a. Dialyzer – CORRECT ANSWER
b. Hemolyzer
c. Nephrolyzer
d. Blood cleaner


  1. In hemodialysis, what is created between the blood and the dialysate to remove fluid efficiently?
a. pressure gradient – CORRECT ANSWER
b. protein pump
c. Osmosis
d. Peritonitis


  1. The movement of water from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration is called:
a. Diffusion
c. Ultrafiltration
d. Dialysis


  1. The movement of water across a membrane toward the side where solutes are more concentrated is called:
a. Diffusion  
b. Osmosis – CORRECT ANSWER  
c. Ultrafiltration  
d. Dialysis  


  1. What does hemodialysis remove other than harmful wastes?
a. Extra protein
b. Extra fat
c. Extra water – CORRECT ANSWER
d. Extra insulin


  1. According to the reading in NIP 23, where is hemodialysis done?
a. Home
b. Hospital
c. Dialysis center

e. B and C


  1. How often must hemodialysis usually be done?
a. Every day
b. Three times a week – CORRECT ANSWER
c. Twice a week
d. Once a week
e. Once a month


  1. How long does a hemodialysis treatment usually last?
a. 20 minutes
b. an hour
c. 3-4 hours – CORRECT ANSWER
d. 8 hours


  1. The most common problem associated with hemodialysis is:
a. Hypertension
b. Abdominal hernia
c. Catheter migration
d. Infections at the access site – CORRECT ANSWER


  1. Ultrafiltration is the removal of fluids and solutes from the blood by using pressure to transfer the blood across a semipermeable membrane.
b. False

1 points   


  1. Which of the following is Not one of the principles employed in dialysis to remove excess fluids and wastes from the blood?
a. Osmosis
b. Diffusion
c. Ultrafiltration
d. Active transport – CORRECT ANSWER


  1. What substance used in pertioneal dialysis can be absorbed into the bloodstream and contributes to weight gain over time?
a. glucose – CORRECT ANSWER
b. protein
c. potassium
d. Insulin


  1. According to the reading in NIP 23, which of the following statements is Not True?
a. Hemodialysis offers more advantages over peritoneal dialysis – CORRECT ANSWER
b. Vascular access is not required for peritoneal dialysis
c. Peritoneal dialysis can be scheduled when convenient
d. There are more dietary restrictions for hemodialysis


  1. During dialysis:
a. The dialysate contains no urea or potassium
b. Osmosis alone is an efficient process for removing fluids
c. Bicarbonates are added to a dialysate for a person with acidosis – CORRECT ANSWER
d. A substance will diffuse out of the blood when its concentration is higher in the dialysate than in the blood
e. The chemical composition of the dialysate does not affect the movement of solutes across the semipermeable membrane


  1. What is the correct definition for dialysis?
a. Pumping of heart is enhanced
b. Liver enzymes are replaced
c. Waste materials are removed – CORREC ANSWER
d. Stomach is implanted


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