Buy Essay: Common Types of Essays

Buy Essay: Common Types of Essays

Buy Essay: Common Types of Essays

When it comes to higher education, students often have to write different types of essays, and there are seven common essay types that a reliable essay writing company typically offers.

These include information essays, explanation essays, discussion essays, argumentative essays, narrative essays, descriptive essays, and literary essays.


  1. Information essays require students to gather factual information on a particular topic, and present it in a way that is informative and objective, without the use of personal opinions or biases. The purpose of information essays is to educate readers on a specific subject, providing them with accurate and reliable information that they can use to expand their knowledge and understanding.. When searching for these types of essays you main keyword is buy information essay.
  2. Explanation essays: to excel in writing explanation essays, students must conduct comprehensive research on a particular event or phenomenon and meticulously present the reasons, causes, and consequences in an orderly and factual manner. Your main keyword here is buy explanation essay.
  3. Discussion essays entail looking at a topic from different perspectives and indicating which viewpoint you support. If your professor asked you to write this type of an assignment, simply type buy discussion essay to search for relevant essay writing companies specializing in this type of work like
  4. Argumentative essays require you to present logical arguments and persuade the reader to support your point of view. Again, finding a US essay writing company for your argumentative essay is easy, just type buy argumentative essay.
  5. Narrative essays are often personal accounts of events, while descriptive essays provide a detailed description of a particular place, object, or event. You got it by this time, I am sure. Buy narrative essay is your main keyword in Google if you are looking for this type of an essay.
  6. Descriptive essays are a type of academic writing that aim to vividly describe a person, place, object, or event. They use sensory details and figurative language to paint a picture in the reader’s mind, creating a sensory experience that allows the reader to engage with the topic on a deeper level. Buy descriptive essay is your main keyword when your professor has asked you to write this type of a paper.
  7. Literary essays analyze a particular work of literature and finding the essay writing companies that can help with this type of work is also easy, buy literary essay.

Each essay type has its own unique style, structure, and purpose. Students can use a variety of sources, including peer-reviewed articles, Facebook groups, and Google Scholar to gather information for their essays. If you need help with writing essays, essay writing companies offer various options to buy papers on different topics.

How to Write Information Essay

Information essays require students to gather as much information as they can on a particular topic, organize it logically, and present it in a factual, informative style. To enhance the clarity of presentation, students may use diagrams, charts, graphs, maps, or timelines. It is essential to provide a bibliography at the end of the essay, and students may use peer-reviewed articles, academic journals, and reliable online sources such as Google Scholar. Here are some topics that students can consider for information essays:

  • How to choose a reliable writing service for accounting essays
  • The Pygmies and the beauty of art essays
  • The life and work of Isaac Babel
  • Exploring architecture through essays
  • The art of aviation essays
  • Disposing of nuclear waste: An ecological essay
  • Captain Cook’s voyages and geography essays
  • Martin Luther and the Reformation: A religious essay
  • The history of John Lennon and the Beatles through music essays
  • Adolf Hitler and world history essays
  • The periodic table and chemistry essays
  • Exploring the internal structure of writing through English 101 essays

Buy Explanation Essay

Explanation essays require students to research a specific event or phenomenon thoroughly and present the reasons, causes, and consequences in a well-organized, factual manner. Students should state the topic in a few sentences and provide a bibliography at the end of the essay. Here are some topics that students can consider for explanation essays:

  • The causes of World War II: A civil engineering essay
  • The safety of nuclear power: An English literature essay
  • The spread of marsupial animals: A communications essay
  • The emergence of the Solar System: A computer science essay
  • The movement of continents: A geography essay
  • The causes of revolutions in France and Russia: History, Russian history, and world history essays
  • The differences between Communist and Capitalist societies: A criminal justice essay
  • The working principles of fluorescent lights: A criminal law essay
  • The age of the Universe: Economics and education essays
  • The role of white blood cells in safeguarding the human body: Nursing and medical studies essays

Write Discussion Essay

Discussion essays require students to examine a topic from multiple perspectives, discuss each perspective, and indicate the perspective they support. These essays contain descriptions of all aspects of a topic without emphasizing a particular perspective. Here are some topics that students can consider for discussion essays:

  • Should middle and high school students decide on attending school? An economics essay
  • Are economists too biased to be trusted? Finance, geography, and healthcare essays
  • Should shops be allowed to sell alcohol 24/7? Nursing, history, human resource management, and international relations essays
  • Is it impossible for the President to be informed about all aspects of the country? International trade, IT, law, and leadership studies essays
  • Are most governments corrupt? Linguistics and literature essays
  • Should physics and chemistry be mandatory for the final school leaving exams? Education and American literature essays
  • Will the US remain the world power despite China’s mounting influence? World history, English literature, and Russian literature essays
  • Will drugs destroy civilization in 100 years? Management, marketing, mathematics, and medicine essays

Buy Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are a type of essay where the writer presents a particular argument or viewpoint and provides evidence to support it. The purpose of an argumentative essay is to persuade the reader to agree with the writer’s viewpoint on a particular topic or issue.

To write an effective argumentative essay, the writer must first choose a topic that they are passionate about and have a clear opinion on. The topic should be debatable, meaning that there are at least two sides to the argument. Once the topic is selected, the writer should research and gather evidence to support their argument. This evidence can come from various sources such as academic articles, research studies, and statistics.

An argumentative essay typically follows a five-paragraph structure, which includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

In the introduction, the writer presents the topic and their thesis statement, which is the main argument that they will be making in the essay. The body paragraphs each focus on a specific point that supports the thesis statement and provides evidence to back it up. The writer should also address any counterarguments and explain why their argument is more valid. In the conclusion, the writer restates their thesis statement and summarizes their main points.

To make their argumentative essay more effective, the writer should use persuasive language and rhetorical devices such as analogies, metaphors, and similes. They should also use transitional words and phrases to connect their ideas and make their essay flow smoothly.

Overall, an argumentative essay is a powerful tool to express one’s opinion and persuade others to see things from their point of view. By following a structured approach and providing strong evidence, writers can create a compelling argument that engages their readers and makes them consider different perspectives on a particular issue.

Buy Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a form of writing that tells a story or recounts an event. The writer uses vivid descriptions, sensory details, and personal insights to engage the reader and create an emotional connection. The purpose of a narrative essay is to entertain, teach a lesson, or share a personal experience.

Example of a narrative essay is “The Moment of Success” by Richard Rodriguez

In this essay, Rodriguez tells the story of how he became a successful writer and scholar despite growing up in a working-class immigrant family. He shares personal anecdotes, such as his struggle to learn English and his father’s skepticism of his academic pursuits. Through these stories, Rodriguez conveys the importance of perseverance and the transformative power of education.

Example of a narrative essay is “A Brush with Death” by Jillian Schedneck

In this essay, Schedneck recounts a harrowing experience she had while traveling in India. She describes in detail how she was almost killed by a bus on a narrow mountain road, and how the experience changed her perspective on life. Schedneck uses sensory details and introspective reflection to convey the fear and trauma she experienced, and ultimately, the sense of gratitude and renewed appreciation for life that she gained from the experience.

In summary, a narrative essay is a powerful form of storytelling that can take many different forms. Whether it is a personal experience or a fictional tale, the writer’s ability to engage the reader and create an emotional connection is what makes a narrative essay memorable.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are designed to create a vivid and detailed picture of a particular person, place, thing, or event. The primary goal is to enable the reader to visualize what is being described accurately. In descriptive writing, sensory details are used to convey the writer’s message to the reader. The writer uses the five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell to create a clear image of what they are describing.

Consider this descriptive paragraph about a beach:

“The sun was just beginning to set, casting a golden glow across the endless expanse of sand. The waves, like gentle giants, lapped at the shore, the sound soothing and constant. A light breeze carried the scent of saltwater, mixing with the sweet aroma of coconut-scented sunscreen. Children played in the water, their laughter ringing out like bells, and seagulls soared overhead, their cries a chorus against the sound of the sea. It was a scene of pure serenity, a place where worries and cares melted away with the setting sun.”

In this example, the writer uses sensory details to create a vivid picture of the beach. The description of the sun setting, the waves, the scent of sunscreen, and the sounds of children and seagulls all help the reader to visualize the scene.

Example of a descriptive essay could be a description of a person

Consider this example: “Her hair was a cascade of golden curls, framing her heart-shaped face perfectly. Her eyes were a deep, chocolate brown, and sparkled with intelligence and kindness. Her skin was smooth and creamy, the color of a perfectly brewed latte. She carried herself with confidence, moving with grace and poise. She wore a simple white dress, the fabric flowing in the gentle breeze, and a single silver bracelet on her wrist. She was beauty personified, a vision that took my breath away.”

In this example, the writer describes a person in detail, using sensory details to create a vivid picture of the individual. The description of the person’s hair, eyes, skin, and clothing all help the reader to visualize the person and form a mental image of them.

Buy Literary Essay

Literary essays that you can purchase from US essay writing company are a type of academic writing that explores and analyzes a piece of literature, such as a novel, poem, or play. These essays may focus on a particular aspect of the work, such as its themes, characters, or writing style, and use evidence from the text to support their analysis.

One common type of literary essay is the character analysis essay, which examines a specific character within a work of literature. For example, an essay might analyze the character of Jay Gatsby in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby,” exploring his motivations, strengths, and weaknesses.

Another type of literary essay is the close reading essay, which examines a particular passage or scene from a work of literature in depth. This type of essay may focus on the author’s use of literary devices, such as imagery or metaphor, to convey meaning. For example, a literary essay might analyze the use of imagery in the scene where Juliet speaks to Romeo from her balcony in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

A third type of literary essay is the comparative essay, which compares and contrasts two or more works of literature. For example, a literary essay might compare the themes of love and loss in Ernest Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms” and Toni Morrison’s “Beloved.”

In all types of literary essays, it is important to use evidence from the text to support your analysis and arguments. Quotations and examples from the work can help you to show how the author uses language and literary devices to create meaning and impact.

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