Research Paper Conclusion: What Is There to Write?

Research Paper Conclusion: What Is There to Write?

It often happens that a student writes a perfectly structured non plagiarized research paper, but struggles to formulate the conclusion. Many learners simply don’t understand what is required to write in this section of the paper. However, if you are determined to solve this problem once and for all, we are happy to provide you with the essential information on how to write the conclusion right in this article. So, let’s go directly to the topic.

How to Write the Conclusion?

In order to successfully write a non plagiarized term paper conclusion, you must first understand what the research paper is. Every non plagiarized research paper can be divided into 7 basic parts: abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion, and reference list. This is a classical scheme for breaking up the whole work into its component parts, which you have probably learned at your college or uni. Now let’s discuss the main components more thoroughly in order to clearly understand the role of each part. 


Introduction is the part where the main idea of your non plagiarized research paper is usually written. It explains why you decided to write your plagiarism free research paper in the first place. In other words, the introduction is the action plan for the future investigation of the problem you have chosen. Here you describe step-by-step all the actions that you want to implement while writing your plagiarism free essay.

The mandatory attribute of the introduction is the purpose of the non plagiarized term paper. What are you aiming to achieve by your research? ‘By your research’ – remember this expression. It will serve you as a starting point when you will write your conclusion. 

Results and Discussion

In the results and discussion part, you elaborate upon all your research findings, clearly adding your own analysis. Your explanations should rely on the study hypothesis presented in the introduction. In other words, the discussion part is intended to show how you have achieved the goals of your research work. If you open any door in the introduction part, it must be closed in the results and discussion section and reiterated in the conclusion. After you write this section of your non plagiarized research paper, ask yourself: What results do I already have? Which of them are the most valuable? When you answer these questions, you will get a general vision of what to write about in the conclusion

After you finish writing on the last point brought up in the introduction, you will have an almost completed research paper. Your plagiarism free essay will only lack one major part, which is conclusion.


This part of the non plagiarized term paper is written at the end of the plagiarism free research paper. Some students even write the whole research paper, starting immediately with the discussion part, bypassing the introduction. This technique is sometimes acceptable, but it is recommended only to those learners who are clearly aware of the tasks they plan to discuss and analyze in the paper. In this case, we can say that the introduction is “written” in the student’s head. If you have no ability to keep in mind the planned course of action, then always start your plagiarism free research paper or custom essay with the introduction – believe me, such approach makes it easier to get involved in the writing process. Still, no matter at what stage you compose the introduction, the conclusion is written only after you already have the full picture of what you have researched.

To write the conclusion, you need to choose the most important ideas that have been highlighted in your plagiarism free research paper. Depending on the size of your writing, the conclusion volume may vary from 2-3 paragraphs to 2-3 pages.  The larger your non plagiarized term paper is, the larger conclusion you need to write. 

Which materials are important and which are not?

How to find out what is worth mentioning in the conclusion? Actually, it’s not that difficult. You need to rely on the previous parts of your work:

  1. Take the purpose and objective of your non plagiarized research paper stated in the introduction
  2. Write about the main results of your research from the discussion part, but in a more definite way.
You Should Know

Some students make a huge mistake by starting their conclusion right off the boat. They immediately discuss the results of their custom essay not even mentioning the problem. When writing a non plagiarized term paper conclusion, devote several sentences to the introductory part of your conclusion and present the problem you researched.

To make the conclusion logical and complete, don’t just hurry-scurry the main points of your study. Outline the conclusion consistently following the structure of the discussion part. It is logical to formulate the conclusion’s subheadings according to the problems stated in the introduction.

The final part of the conclusion should be devoted to confirming the practical value of your non plagiarized research paper. Here you need to give your priceless recommendations on how to introduce your research into practice. It is also a good idea to make some plans for the future research of the topic or project and suggest some ways for modernization and improvement.

However, don’t try to simply rewrite the same text from the different parts when preparing your custom essay or non plagiarized research paper. We know you are better than that. Get creative and improvise. And if you don’t feel like you can do that, is here to help you.

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