Immigration in the US Argumentative Essay

Immigration in the US Argumentative Essay

Immigration usually involves arriving into a foreign country for the purpose of establishing residency there. It has been recognized as one of the most significant problems in the United States in the past few decades. The emotional side of the matter often draws extremely discordant views among the citizens and the government. Such opinions come from the attempts to determine the effects that immigration has on the country and the citizens who already live there. The perception that each faction has concerning immigration also affects their beliefs on the measures that ought to be taken regarding immigration. One of the most common views is that immigrant workers take away jobs that could have been allocated to native works. This notion has contributed to the hostility that many have towards each wave of immigrants that comes to the United States. However, it is important to recognize that there are various contributions that immigration makes. 

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This paper argues that despite the competition that immigrant workers pose to natives, immigration and the associated forces bring more benefits than harm to the U.S. economy. 

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Arguments FOR Immigration

Immigrants account for up to two-thirds of the economic growth that has been accomplished since 2011(Amadeo, 2019).

About half of the startups worth $1 billion are owned by immigrants, which is an indication of the benefits that they bring to the economy.

Skilled immigrants tend to gravitate towards scientific and technical industries, and thus provide significant output for the country in those areas. There are individuals who are highly trained in their areas of practice but feel that they would receive better remuneration for their work in the United States than in their countries of origin. Such individuals import their skills and specialization to the United States, and the resulting revenue comes to the U.S. rather than their countries of origin.

Labor is a vital factor of production, as the entire process depends on the various people allocated to each level of production. The availability and cost of labor highly affect the overall cost of production.  In cases where an employer works with an insufficient workforce, the production process may be slower or even more expensive. Immigrant workers provide the solution to unavailability of labor as they complement the existing domestic workforce. Further, they are often willing to do jobs that many domestic workers would shy away from.  Immigrant workers also provide cheaper labor, which in turn reduces the cost of production.

The benefits of lower cost of production are not only felt by the employer, but also consumers who end up paying less for the products. Therefore, the positive impact of having immigrants in the American workforce is experienced by all people (Card & Raphael, 2013). 

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Arguments AGAINST Immigration

On the other hand, lowly skilled immigrants act as substitutes to domestic workers who do not have high school diplomas. Immigrant workers receive lower wages than domestic workers for jobs that do not require special skills.

  • This reduces the overall pay that workers with low skills receive, including domestic workers. An employer usually chooses a worker who demands less pay with the aim of reducing the related labor costs.
  • Lower pay places the domestic worker at a disadvantage when competing on the market with an immigrant worker.
  • The competition in the technical and scientific areas requires high level of expertise and fair pay; the high-skilled immigrants are often willing to accept lower pay for the same task.

Most highly skilled immigrants are suitable to work in the IT and engineering fields; they tend to avoid, nevertheless, the sectors requiring fluency in communication due to average English speaking skills. This indicates that immigrants may pose competition in the labor market not only in the low-skilled fields, but they also may take jobs from the natives in the technical fields such as IT for instance. 

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Arguments FOR Immigration restated

Though immigrant workers pose competition to domestic workers, such rivalry is mostly restrained to few fields. The competitive recruitment process ensures that employers choose their workers based on merit, and thus skilled workers are not disadvantaged as long as they have the relevant skills. Some of the work that immigrants do would be shunned by the local worker, despite their low level of skills. The notion of competition is based assumption that employers favor immigrant workers to domestic workers. Additionally, the lower wages for immigrant workers lower the cost of production, thus making goods cheaper in the market.

This works to the advantage of all, whether domestic or immigrant. Furthermore, the special skills that come with the highly skilled immigrants are assets to the U.S. as they generate revenue for the country (Card & Raphael, 2013). 


Immigration in the US Argumentative Essay
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The problem of immigration is an emotional issue in the United States, which often forms the basis of political campaigns and ruthless political decisions. One predominant fear regarding the economy is that immigrants pose unfair competition for local workers possessing similar skills in various fields. Additionally, the influx of immigrants is said to reduce the wages that domestic workers earn, as the immigrants accept lower pay than the locals. These two factors breed hostility within the workforce, with the immigrant worker being portrayed as an opportunist who comes to reap from the local’s territory. However, it is important to view immigrants as being a complementary force to the existing labor.

Even more so, the withdrawal of the immigrant workers in the United States would result in a significant shortage in the labor market. Additionally, immigrants are not strictly low-skilled employees. They also account for a notable percentage of entrepreneurs and highly skilled workers. They have therefore been instrumental in the growth of the U.S. economy over the past years. It is thus apparent that immigration brings more benefits to the U.S. economy than harm.


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