How to Write a Perfect Poetry Analysis Essay

How to Write a Perfect Poetry Analysis Essay

If your major is English or Literature, be prepared to analyze a lot of poems. Non plagiarized essays on poetry analysis make a very common assignment as well. In order to do both of these tasks correctly, you need to be familiar with the main rules of “reading” a poem, and by reading we mean understanding it. 

The first thing you need to know is that poem analysis is the process of determining and studying the numerous creative, practical, and structural parts of a verse. According to our writers of non plagiarized research papers, some poems are easy to comprehend, others are more complicated, but even a short simple poem can conceal a deeper meaning, which is possible to uncover only in the process of careful analysis. That is why we decided to share with you 10 tips that will help you write non plagiarized essays on poetry accurately. So, if you choose not to use essay writing services or buy custom essay, read the following information carefully because it may save your score.

Tip #1 Research the author. Look for background information about him or her. Read the biography, historical evidence, and criticism. You need it for the better understanding of the conditions that may have influenced the particular author’s poetry. For example, when you write a non plagiarized term paper about the work of George Gordon Byron, you have to mention his long journey to Spain, Greece, and Albania in 1809, which made a great impact on his Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. 

Tip #2 The next step is to thoroughly read the poem for several times because how do you analyze a verse without understanding it? After this, you need to identify the core idea, the essence of the author’s work. This main point needs to be objectively formulated in a short and understandable form. It is very important for your non plagiarized research paper. Ask yourself the question: “What does the author want to say?” After you find the answer to it, it will be much easier to write your plagiarism free essay.

Another important advice for writing successful plagiarism free essays on poetry is to pay special attention to the form of the piece. What is specific about the poem’s structure? Very often poets break poems’ form to emphasize a word or a phrase. You need to pay special attention to those words, because, if the author made them stand out, it was for some reason.

One more thing you can do is to read the poem several times and underline the words or lines that you find extremely important. Analyze why they had such an impact on you. This will create your personal understanding of a poem, not the one you can easily find in criticism, but the one that comes from your heart. If it is too difficult for you, or you doubt your abilities to analyze a poem, you can always use some external help from an essay writing service or buy essay online

Tip #3 Define the speaker and characterize his mood. Is it a man in love? Is he happy or sad? Or is it a woman in pain? Why is she in pain? All these questions are determined to help you understand the poetry. Have a look at the example provided by our essay writing service’s writer to understand what we mean: “Impression Du Matin” by Oscar Wilde tells about the sad woman who has hidden the pain in her heart and slowly walking meets London’s gray and misty morning.

Tip #4 After you understand what the author says, examine how he says it. Look at the general composition, rime, repetition and so on. Highlight them, write some notes about them. The chances are good that you will write about them in your non plagiarized essay. Here is an example taken from our plagiarism free essay: ““Only God — detect the Sorrow” by Emily Dickinson has only 8 lines. At the same time, the word “God” is mentioned 5 times, which shows that the author was a deeply religious person”.

Tip #5 Analyze stylistic devices used by the author. Look for antitheses, hyperbolas, metaphors, onomatopoeias, rhetorical questions, etc. You need to describe their meaning and the way they are formed. As was stated in our non plagiarized research paper, even the two lines of Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro” content several literary devices. The bigger the poem, the more figures of speech you can detect. However, it doesn’t mean you need to write about all of them. For instance, you can decide to analyze only metaphors. In this case, you need to specify this in your topic and thesis.

Tip #6 Use the right non plagiarized research paper structure. The most useful form for your non plagiarized poetry analysis essay is the standard three paragraph essay. The number of your body paragraphs may vary depending on a number of poem’s elements you want to analyze; however, the minimum quantity is three.

Tip #7 Start your plagiarism free essay with a grabber to catch reader’s attention, write a link sentence to connect that grabber to the thesis and reveal your statement. The thesis should be clear and simple-to-read. It is easy to develop when you are finished with all the analysis. The thesis needs to be based on your opinion on the poem, its main idea, purpose, and meaning. A good non plagiarized thesis has to be clear, include the title and the author’s name, and define the poem’s elements to be analyzed.

The introduction of your non plagiarized research paper should also contain some background information like biographical facts important for understanding the topic of the poem, as well as the subject of the verse. Here is the example taken from one of the non plagiarized term papers written by our authors: “The Hollow Men” by T. S. Eliot was extremely influenced by the personal circumstances of the poet’s life. He wrote it in 1925 after he lost his job in the bank and went through the treatment that increased his mental illness.”

Tip #8  Each paragraph of your plagiarism free essay’s body text should be dedicated to a different claim. Here is one more example that was written by our essay writing service author. “When analyzing “First Lessons” by R. Zamora Linmark you can use the following structure of the body text:

•    The first paragraph should be devoted to allusions used by the author to provide the wrong example of writing a poem.
•    The second paragraph should provide the explanation of the imagery used to explain the proper way of writing a poem.
•    The third paragraph can be consecrated on allusions used to teach readers to write a poem by the book.”

Tip #9 The best way to write the conclusion of the plagiarism free essay is to rewrite and expand your thesis. You can also add a sentence or two about the importance of the poem for the literary world and its impact on you. 

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