How to Copy and Paste without Plagiarizing

How to Copy and Paste without Plagiarizing

Every year millions of students submit non plagiarized essays, non plagiarized term papers, and theses. Before reading these works, most teachers check them for plagiarism. And if they find that information was borrowed from the Internet or any other open sources, they return the paper or even accuse students of content stealing. If you want to know how to deal with this problem, then read the article below.

If you are reading this post, chances are that you need to write a non plagiarized research paper or plagiarism free essay and you want to know how to copy and paste without plagiarizing.

Of course, you understand that the best way to ensure that your plagiarism free essays have the high level of uniqueness is to write them yourself. But this requires time, which is not always possible (and not necessarily because of carelessness or laziness). A student can, for example, spend a lot of his or her time on studying major discipline or combine studying and working. In this case, he or she simply doesn’t have enough time to write non plagiarized research papers and plagiarism free essays in other disciplines.

So, what is the solution? Is it possible to get non plagiarized essays free of charge? Is there a way to copy and paste without plagiarizing? Well, it is. But, it isn’t so simple. Besides pressing “Copy” and “Paste” buttons, you will need to master several techniques as well. Want to know which and how? Here is our list.

1. Avoid cliché

First, destroy any cliché, often used words and phrases. Your goal is to build the sentences that are not already available on the Internet because plagiarism detector will look for them in your non plagiarized essays and non plagiarized research papers. Replace similar words with synonyms and change the writing style.

Just do not get too much into synonymizing, especially don’t use the online tools that offer paraphrasing and rewriting services. They don’t work! If you want to see the example of machine synonymization or get useful tips on paraphrasing, read another article on our blog called How to Paraphrase Plagiarism Free Essays Like a King

In addition, if you replace all words with synonyms, then instead of the free non plagiarized essay you will just get an unreadable something. Yes, the plagiarism detector will show that your “text” has high uniqueness. However, your readers will not appreciate these seemingly non plagiarized term papers.

2. Look at the topic from a new perspective

Even if your topic is totally overworked, you can always find a new angle to look at it, hence, try to present the material in a different way. Buy non plagiarized essays from a trusted essay writing service if you’re in doubt. Don’t write like everyone else. Offer fresh and original ideas, as well as new solutions to the problem. After all, if you constantly study some topic, you will certainly develop your own opinion and thoughts about the problem. Just don’t be afraid to include them into your plagiarism essay.

It doesn’t mean that you will need to write or rewrite the whole text of your plagerism essay. However, if you put your thoughts and opinions into the text, the level of uniqueness of your plagiarism essay will drastically increase. In addition, your teacher will certainly appreciate your own ideas.

3. Limit the number of quotes

Never overload your non plagiarized term papers or plagiarism free essays with quotes from textbooks or articles. They will significantly reduce the uniqueness percentage of your free non plagiarized essays. If you cannot do without quotes, transmit them into indirect speech. However, even the transmitted quote has to be cited. Please, don’t forget about that.

4. Use epithets and synonyms

Almost every word has a huge amount of synonyms: why not use them in your favor, especially now when you don’t have to search for them in thick dictionaries? There are special online services that offer the huge base of synonyms to choose from. The most popular is, of course, Thesaurus. You don’t even need to go online to use it because it is featured in Microsoft Word. However, before changing a word for its synonym, you should carefully study the meaning of the sentences. You may replace a word, only if the meaning of the sentence doesn’t change and the readability does not suffer. Alternatively, listen to your friends and buy non plagiarized essays from, it’s the easiest and proven solution.

However, some modern plagiarism checkers are so advanced that they easily recognize the simple substitution of a word by its synonym, especially if you use synonymizing tools. The plagiarism detector immediately discovers that the text is non-unique and your work is just another plagiarism essay. Simply put, there will be no use from such free non plagiarized essay.

5. Translations

Some students use a more sophisticated method: they find the sources in foreign languages, translate them and completely copy and paste without plagiarizing. However, this method is very risky. First, it is very difficult to find a relevant research in languages other than English. Second, there is always a chance that the source text has already been translated into English and published on the Internet, making your free non plagiarized essays not free at all. 

6. Order rewriting services

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We hope that this article taught you the basics of how to copy and paste without plagiarizing. Shalom and enjoy the day.