Become an Expert in Essay Writing

Become an Expert in Essay Writing

Essay writing requirements are everywhere. College or scholarship applications require submitting essays, job interviewers ask to write them, professors give instructions on putting research into essay form. This is the most common type of paper assignment used by students. It can be narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, or also called argumentative, informal, critical, analytical, literary and so on. Each of these types of essays has its own peculiarities, as well as each teacher has his own requirements for this type of paper. Sometimes it is even difficult to say what type of a non plagiarized essay you are assigned to write.

An essay is a short composition on a specific topic, compiled on the basis of information from several sources. The properly written plagiarism free essay is a form of checking the student’s knowledge. An essay is also the method of obtaining additional information on the subject, using the relevant literature on the topic. How to write a custom essay and get A+? This is the question we are going to answer in this post.

One of the most basic skills any student should develop is writing. And what is a better way to practice this skill than writing a non plagiarized essay? The essay is a type of paper simple to write and easy to check. It helps students develop critical thinking and learn to present thoughts on paper.


Source materials are selected depending on the given topic which is usually set so that the student had a chance to search for valuable sources. What is the point of writing a non plagiarized research paper using only well-known literature or information downloaded from the Internet?

Number of sources necessary to be analyzed by a student depends on custom essay requirements:

  1. Volume (set by the teacher),
  2. Deadline,
  3. Depths of topic’s development,
  4. Teacher’s specific requirements.


The most important tip for successful essay research is to look for sources right after you received the topic of your non plagiarized research paper because the enthusiasm for the new task will help you do the most of the work in a few hours. Alternatively, buy custom essay online if you’re ever in doubt.


A standard three paragraphs essay has a very simple structure:

• introduction: the main essay statement and description of its importance;
• body of a plagiarism free essay: minimum three and maximum how many you want paragraphs, each providing an evidence or example that proves the main essay statement to be true; remember- your non plagiarized term paper has to make sense
• conclusion: a one sentence summary of the previous information and possible solutions to an issue or problem.

This structure helps students put their thoughts in an organized form. It also makes reading an essay so easy and pleasant. Buy custom essay online from trusted essay writing service


After you have researched the topic, you should write a draft plan of your future plagiarism free essay. A plan must be written according to the structure above or your teacher’s specific requirements.


Some students think that introduction is similar to annotation. However, they are two totally different things. The annotation briefly describes the outline of the non plagiarized term papers. A properly written introduction comprises the relevance of the topic, its importance, and the thesis statement. The volume of the introduction should not exceed one page. If your essay is short, the introduction may even be no longer than a paragraph. It should end with thesis statement – a sentence or two that state your opinion on the topic.


Its plan, volume, and content is not regulated but determined by the topic of your plagiarism free essays. The structure of the main part usually includes four or five parts. If the body part is smaller the essay may be considered incomplete.


It sums up the results and describes the practical value of your essay. If you are looking for more detailed information on how to write the non plagiarized essay or research paper conclusion check out our article Research Paper Conclusion: What Is There to Write?

Reference List

It should occupy the last page of your plagiarism free essay. It needs to contain the bibliographic information necessary for a reader to find any source you have cited in the body of the non plagiarized research paper. Each source cited in your non plagiarized term paper must be mentioned in your reference list.


The key to writing effective plagiarism free essays lies in the ability to compose paragraphs. The most common structure of a paragraph is this: a topic sentence, body sentences, and a conclusion. Now, let’s discuss each part of the paragraph in details.

The Topic Sentence

A topic sentence is the one that usually stands at the beginning of a paragraph; that is some sort of unwritten rule of official academic writing. The topic sentence is the one with the most general idea. It implies that there are not a lot of details in the sentence, and it states a common idea that you want to develop in this paragraph. Unfortunately, many writers start their paragraphs with one idea and then write something completely different. That confuses readers and the writing becomes nonsense. To avoid this mistake, keep in mind that you have to expand no more than one idea in one paragraph of your non plagiarized research paper, not two or three, only one!

The Body Sentences

The body of the paragraph usually consists of more than one sentence. Remember, each statement you make must be related to the topic of your plagiarism free essay. Body sentences add more supportive details to your general idea. Why is it significant, what are the reasons, why you think your statement is true and your evidence deserve attention? Examples usually provide the best evidence. The more examples you have in your work, the better it is. That is why there are no limits to the number of body sentences in one paragraph. If you have something to say, then say it, as long as it can be related to your topic sentence.

The Final Phrase

As a rule, all paragraphs end with a summary of the information previously given. Such sentences are called concluding. You can think of this final sentence, as a kind of topic one, but totally revised. Don’t forget about the links or, as many call them, bridges. Every sentence should have some connection to the following one. It makes your non plagiarized essay or non plagiarized term paper easy to understand and doesn’t let your readers’ attention slip away.