Argumentative Essay Sample: Raphael, School of Athens

Argumentative Essay Sample: Raphael, School of Athens

Argumentative Essay Sample Raphael

Raphael was a prominent Italian artist of the 15-16-th century. He is the author of many exceptional paintings and a famous architect of a number of buildings. The School of Athens is one of Raphael’s masterpieces; it perfectly depicts the influence of the time where Raphael was living and illustrates the values of that era. This artwork is a fresco that was created to decorate one of the walls in the Vatican. The School of Athens is a bright depiction of Renaissance values.

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The School of Athens belongs to the classical style paintings, portraying the people who contributed the most to the society of those days.

Among the famous individuals pictured on fresco are Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Ptolemy – the representatives of prominent philosophers, scientists, geographers and mathematicians (Raphael, 2018).

The characters portrayed on the fresco clearly show the values cherished by the society of Raphael’s period (Renaissance): the lavishness of thought and importance of a human being. Probably, Raphael wanted to communicate to the audience the importance of wisdom, rebirth, and central place of intellect in the lives of human beings (Raphael, School of Athens, 2018).

In general, Renaissance has certain features and values that help people to differentiate it from other periods. Those values include anthropocentrism (when the individual becomes the center of attention); classicism (attention to classical knowledge, especially to Greek and Roman cultures); separation of politics and peoples’ private lives; moral dignity; individualism; and skepticism.

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In sum, buy own essays , Raphael’s works reflect all aspects of Renaissance ideas. One of the most famous Raphael’s paintings is a fresco called The School of Athens, which can serve as a guide to values of the cultural and historic period when the artist lived. The School of Athens portrays people with typical Renaissance values: they are highly moral, they are skeptical (typical for scientists), and they represent the best of the humanity of those times.


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