Argumentative essay example: People for sale – the human trafficking debate

Argumentative essay example: People for sale – the human trafficking debate
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It is a well-known fact that human trafficking existed since ancient times. However, this phenomenon continues to exist nowadays and can be rightfully called a form of modern-day slavery. According to the United Nations, more than twenty million people are missing due to human trafficking. While exploitation can take many forms, this form of slavery is usually found in industries that demand cheap human labor, such as hospitality services, the commercial sex industry, or farming.

The debates exist on virtually all aspects of human trafficking, including how prevalent it is and what actually constitutes the phenomenon of trafficking. However, the ways in which this issue and people involved are viewed directly shapes anti-trafficking activities, as well as the success of efforts to combat this problem. 

Argumentative essay human trafficking Thesis statement:

This paper argues that human trafficking is one of the acutest and most challenging problems of modern society, is an assault to human dignity, and as such, it should be abolished. 

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Arguments FOR

Human trafficking: the problem of the world

Despite the fact that there are many definitions of human trafficking, this phenomenon has been recognized to include the transportation, harboring, recruitment, receipt, or transfer of people by means of the use of force or threat, of abduction or coercion, of deception or fraud, of the position of vulnerability or the abuse of power, and/or of the receiving or giving benefits or payments to achieve the person’s consent who can control another individuals for the sole purpose of exploitation.

At a minimum, exploitation includes sexual exploitation, the exploitation of prostitution of others, slavery, forced labor or service, servitude or the removal of organs. It is usually non-wealthy countries that provide the easiest recruitment for human traffickers, as people are often eager to migrate in search of better employment opportunities.

Traffickers know how to exploit this fact and easily recruit the victims by using their vulnerability. This may suggest that this issue is limited to poor and undeveloped countries or countries in a state of war.

However, human trafficking concerns virtually every region of the world, including Australia, North America, and Western Europe. 

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Human trafficking is a crime and an assault to human dignity, which impacts the social, biological, and psychological dimensions of the individual involved in trafficking activities. The co-morbidity of various illnesses together with mental conditions that the victims of trafficking suffer from make addressing this issue not only a social, but also a public health imperative.

Though this phenomenon has been on the international agenda for decades, the causes and consequences of the problem are intricately intertwined and no unified solutions are readily available today.  Nevertheless, human trafficking is one of the direst problems of modern society, which makes the human rights communities, non-governmental organizations, the elite, and the media recognize the fact that it is morally wrong and should be criminalized. 

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Arguments AGAINST

Human trafficking: a controversial issue

Despite the various efforts to combat the problem, human trafficking has become the world’s third-largest criminal enterprise and has continued to remain a major area of focus of policymakers, academics, law enforcement agencies, and human rights’ activists. Though the debate about human trafficking is not new and various disciplines and professions have weighed into the debate, there are still a number of controversies around this issue.

As mentioned above, the ways in which victims of trafficking are framed have real consequences. Usually, trafficked individuals are deemed to be “victims” by groups who advocate for them.

However, there is an opinion that a significant disjuncture exists between the lived experiences and self-identification of trafficked individuals and how they are portrayed in government statements and in the mainstream media. According to that opinion, some individuals actively seek criminals to find a way to illegally move into developed countries and some of them even willingly choose to engage in sex activities in order to economically survive. This suggests that anti-trafficking reasoning does not duly represent these people’s experiences in ways that resonated with the people themselves. 

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Arguments FOR

Human trafficking: the need for justice

From the above discussion, one may conclude that human trafficking is one of the biggest controversies of today’s struggle for equality. Needless to say, the existing disparate claims have created disparate solutions to the problem and have led to distinctly different anti-trafficking efforts. Furthermore, the existing controversies have led to the fact that current efforts fail to comprehend and view human trafficking in the broader frame as a problem of poverty, gender-based violence, discrimination, labor, and migration.

By not paying due attention to the differences of trafficked individuals, these controversies homogenize experiences of all those involved in trafficking activities, thus exposing the majority of trafficked victims to more harm and depriving them of access to justice, and undermining the efforts to prosecute traffickers.

It is obvious that it is difficult to heal completely the wounds of the victims of trafficking, help them restore their dignity, ensure justice, and build new lives.

Therefore, current efforts should be more justice-oriented, take the contextual analysis of the problem, and keep the trafficked person at the core of the problem-solving process.


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Human trafficking is one of the most controversial problems of the modern time. Various human rights activists, service providers, public health and law enforcement officials, and academic disciplines have studied this phenomenon in depth. Currently, there are disparate claims about the true scope and nature of the problem and the trafficked victims, which gives rise to different solutions to rectify the problem.

Though one can agree that there are individuals who willingly participate in activities usually associated with human trafficking, the reality is most of the trafficked people are victims and must be helped. In this connection, there is a strong need for person-in-environment focus to address these issues. In the end, it is important to value the dignity of the trafficked individuals and combat this problem in such a way that promotes respect and ultimately empowers and brings justice to them.