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Visual Rhetoric Analysis: Essay Samples

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Visual rhetoric analysis refers to the situation, in which the person tries to persuade the audience by using various images to influence its perspective. A visual rhetoric has four main parts which include sender, audience, context, and the purpose.

Essay samples Thesis statement: In order to communicate effectively, the sender ought to put into consideration various factors pertaining to the target audience, context, and the purpose of the information. 

Visual Rhetoric Purpose, Audience, and Context


The audience plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness of communication. The sender ought to know the audience with regard to demographic attributes and design the visual presentation suitable for them.

Analyzing the audience helps to determine the colors, text format, texture, and saturation to use in presentations effectively (Purdue Owl, 2018).

In situations where the senders intend to reach out to a large audience, the choice of communication method must have a wide geographical coverage such as the Internet. 

A website is accessible to everybody with an access to the Internet. However, the appearance of the website will determine whether the audience will be persuaded (Purdue Owl, 2013).  The majority of people do not look at the website in isolation. Their minds process information pertaining to the nature of the appearance in a lightning speed and make the decision whether to close the tab or stay at the website. The choice to close the tab means that the website is not appealing to the audience. Therefore, the attractiveness of the design forms the basis for making crucial decisions in the mind of the audience.

Hence, presentation of the message in documented forms, print work, and in the internet play a crucial role in persuading the audience to make relevant decisions (Purdue Owl, 2018). 

Purpose: argumentative essay samples

In a visual rhetoric analysis, the purpose refers to the intention of the sender in influencing the audience. In visual production, the sender intends to catch the attention of the audience through attractive images. The sender ensures that the message is clear to the audience, but the final outcome depends on the mode of its presentation. Therefore, in order to persuade the audience, the sender must ensure that the presentation is clear and attractive.

In visual production, such as the advert of hamburger, for example, the sender ought to ensure there is creativity in the presentation (Purdue Owl, 2013).

The image must take the larger portion of the advert followed by a brief statement in large font. The video image is to be in high-quality resolution. The purpose is to present a professional image while trying to persuade the audience to watch the particular video (Purdue Owl, 2013). The purpose of the brief statement, normally presented in large font, is to emphasize the most important message that the sender intends the audience to grasp within the shortest time. 

Context: argumentative essay samples

In a visual rhetoric, the context refers to the environmental conditions and circumstances that affect the mode of presentation. The sender ought to understand the nature of the audience and its mental condition when choosing the mode of presentation. For instance, an advert put along the busy highway should have large clear images that are attractive and visible. Also, the sender ought to take into consideration the mood of the audience before trying to attract its attention. For example, a PowerPoint presentation in the afternoon lecture hours ought to be brief and attractive.

Therefore, the sender is advised to observe the nature of the environmental surroundings and the state of the audience while working on a visual presentation.


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