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The Essence of Argumentative Essay Writing

Our writers rightfully claim that academic writing is one of the most interesting and challenging tasks for every student.

Argumentative essay writing is the most demanding tasks that all young researchers face during their educational career. Many students are really bored of their essay writing tasks and do not understand how to write and how to choose the right argumentative essay topics. Some of students know very little about how to write an argumentative essay and interdisciplinary differences that each student should bear in mind.

One of the best top writers explains: 

Argumentative essay is a challenging task and you need guidance on what is needed to be a successful researcher. Many students do not have training, support or mentoring of any kind. That’s the problem!

Top-rated academic writers help students not only to improve their writing skills and finish their argumentative essays on time, but, equally importantly, to find satisfaction in engaging in interesting writing and find the best argumentative essay topics for their class. 

Argumentative essay writing can be interesting!

There are hundreds of argumentative essay topics, and what you need is to choose one, take a position on it, and back up your viewpoint with well-researched literature. Advice from expert writers is to understand writing contexts. 

What is the subject we are talking about? What is an argumentative essay?

The answer given by our writers is simple: it is a genre of writing, which addresses the different dimensions of writing.

A properly structured argumentative essay presents arguments on both sides of the matter, and it is used as a tool to convince someone of an idea or opinion. As a researcher, you have to investigate the topic; hence, the first step is to become an investigator! Developing rhetorical knowledge, you may answer such questions as who, when, what, where? Be careful! A lot of the argumentative essay samples available in the Internet are not true argumentative essays and students have gone in the wrong direction. Some low-skilled writers confuse the argumentative essay and the persuasive essay.

The perfect argumentative essay presents two sides of the matter under discussion and analyzes the most important arguments for and against. You will gather evidence and facts to prove whether or not a thesis is true and follow

a standard argumentative essay structure:

  • introductory paragraph
  • thesis statement
  • three body paragraphs
    • Arguments FOR
    • Arguments AGAINST
    • Refuting the counter-argument
  • Conclusion.

Essay writing made easy if you follow step-by-step guide to writing argumentative essays.

If you buy argumentative essay, writers will do their best to collect the latest evidence and use the fresh approach. For instance, argumentative essay on the Odyssey is a piece of writing that aim to convince the reader of the writer's own opinion. The argumentative essay's basis in Odyssey is thinking of a warrior and his participation in voyages and discovery of new land. The experienced writer may reflect on such topics as critiques of the work, lack of irony, and absence of clear structure, the spiritual and the revelatory.

If you want to impress your professor, you should find an up-to-date argumentative essay topic and follow a step-by-step writing guide.

If you work on an argumentative essay psychology study just step forward with your writing assignment! Analyzing its pros and cons may help to shed more light on the topic. Argumentative essay sociology requires clear argumentations, well-structured body, coherence and rhetoric. For argumentative essay English 101, we would advise you to maintain the initial spark that feeds your further writing. It is marked by originality. The argumentative essay will reflect a way of life and such important life issues as wisdom, modesty, and honesty.

Many writers prefer argumentative essay topics selected by professional academic writers. Explicit knowledge may help students to know what to expect about the complexities that argumentative essay writing may contain.

The best way to find your ideal argumentative essay topic is to search 1001 ideal argumentative essay questions. 

Our writers recommend students to refrain from choosing argumentative essay topics on moral matters because it will be difficult to find arguments for or against such clams. The essay should be meaningful and powerful.

The impressive essay topic should be:

  • logical; 
  • interesting;
  • up-to-date;
  • focused;
  • narrow.

The properly structuredessay topic demonstrates your learning experience and your writing progress involving improvement and academic development. The way to search for argumentative essay ideas is to review current literature and collect all valuable resources for essay writing.

The main types of credible sources are: 

  • books;
  • schoalrly journals;
  • credible magazines;
  • newspapers (e.g. New York Times);
  • official reports;
  • official data;
  • official websites (.gov). 

Our writers believe that selecting an argumentative essay topic is the toughest step in successful essay writing.

The essay topic should be debatable and contain both FOR and AGAINST arguments. It should be based on valid evidence to support the initial claim. You should be able to support and refute your arguments and use evidence such as statistical data, scientific literature, expert opinion that contradicts or support your position.   

Writing an argumentative essay can be an exciting practice that leads students to many new discoveries about the planet, about their social environment, about the world in which they live, about their future career and professional life, about their school, college or the country they live. It is a creative and thoughtful writing. 

Engage creatively in the argumentative essay writing and choose attention-grabbing argumentative essay topics!  If you are not sure about the essay topic or just need expert advice, ask our top writers to help you!