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Policy Advocacy Op-Ed: Essay Writing Made Easy

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Policy Advocacy Op-Ed: Essay Writing Made Easy
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Policy Advocacy Op-Ed: Great Example of non plagiarized essays and argumentative essay writing


The social work profession was founded to support the continued development of a democratic nation in the midst of profound change. Social policy, in particular, was understood by the profession’s founders to be the principle mechanism through which social issues are addressed in the United States: social policy creates and mitigates the “environmental forces that create, contribute to, and address problems in living” (NASW, 2015). Founding social workers developed significant levels of expertise in the problem identification, development, implementation, and evaluation of social policy and, as a result, were responsible for the institutionalization of many of the social programs we are fighting to maintain today, such as social security and public housing (Rodriguez, Ostrow & Kemp, 2017).

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Body paragraph 1: Issue Explained

The shift away from policy that has occurred over the last several decades has also resulted in a shift away from some of the topics that were once central to the profession (Rodriguez et al., 2017). In particular, labor, poverty, and housing have all suffered a dearth of social work scholarly and professional attention since the 1960s. Interestingly, the critical role of housing in daily life has been demonstrated in the social welfare literature, albeit peripherally (Reilly & Woo, 2003). Choose your plagiarism free essays, it’s easy. What seems particularly troubling is that while scholarship centered on the recent foreclosure crisis has noted the asymmetric distribution of its impacts, there has been little work investigating the mechanisms by which these asymmetries have manifested. And, although much has been written about the disproportionate effects of the foreclosure crisis on communities of color, its impact on the foreign born is much more nebulous. Indeed, the relationship between nativity and foreclosure incidence is little explored in the literature to date with some exceptions such as Allen (2011) and McCormack and Mazar (2013).

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Body paragraph 2: Policy Practical Application

Notable understudied examples include redlining, reverse redlining, as well as the targeting of minority households with risky subprime mortgage products. As a result of these policies and practices, the foreclosure crisis disproportionally impacted communities of color. Latino households, in particular, were disproportionality represented in the homeownership expansion as well as the ensuing foreclosure crisis (Hall, Crowder, & Spring, 2015). Yet, social welfare researchers have not endeavored to investigate ways inwhich these policies can be revised to mitigate this type of market failure (Castro-Baker, 2014). At the same time, while renters also experienced insurmountable loses as a result of the crisis, Americans generally eschew renting for owning their home because of what homeownership has come to represent in American mainstream culture.

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Body paragraph 3: Structural Barriers Explained

From this standpoint, housing policy is the nexus at which structural barriers and historical social disparities meet in the US society. The primary goal of social welfare scholarship centered on housing policy in general, and the foreclosure crisis in particular, then, is moving social policy toward the extension of social citizenship to those purposely excluded. Foreclosure mitigation policies must be examined to understand if and how disparities and barriers in access to foreclosure mitigation services might have been alleviated or reinforced in the face of the greatest economic crises since the Great Depression. This paragraph shows you how to copy and paste without plagiarizing. 

Body paragraph 4: Evidence

The evidence thus highlights three key issues for American housing policy. The first is, heartbreakingly, not surprising: communities of color, immigrants, and low-to-moderate income households continue to reap the least benefit from housing policy. Second, the aforementioned communities are disproportionality impacted by the foreclosure crisis. Third, a key mechanism explaining both the disproportionality of the foreclosure crisis’s impact and why marginalized households are reaping the least advantages from housing policy is the social construction of these groups. The great homeownership expansion sought to increase access to ownership specifically for these households, yet it remained unsustainable as a result of their implicit and/or explicit labeling as deserving or undeserving of policy intervention, based on assumed and/or implied qualities. In sum, the way American society views these groups has real and measurable impacts on the development, implementation, and evaluation of social policy.

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Conclusion: Restate Your Position

What is the role of the social work profession in addressing these issues? Beyond raising awareness, there is an urgent need for the development of macro-level interventions that hone in on the implicit areas of policy development. Specifically, social welfare scholars and professionals are called to engage in real-time with the legacies of systemic racism by facilitating the development of social policies that equitably distribute the benefits and burdens of policy. Further, social welfare scholars are called to bring social scientific rigor to the analysis of the policy process and develop interventions that address the implicit aspects of the process, where the aforementioned groups most typically fall through the cracks. free non plagiarized essays is often a good choice. Remember to choose no plagiarism essays. We hope this paper helped you master the traits of essay writing made easy. 



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