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Plagiarism Free Writing: Quick and Easy Guide

Learn to Paraphrase Correctly. Plagiarism free writing is easier than you think

In the previous article, we talked about how not to overuse external references from different sources. You can learn about proper referencing techniques by requesting a one-on-one consultation with our top writers. Reading this post will also help. One of the most valuable techniques is paraphrasing. Basically, it means rewriting.  A student will use his or her own words to write about someone else's notions or ideas.

While rewriting your material, you must do three main things:

  1. Keep the original format and style of writing
  2. Reference your source
  3. Make sure that you use your OWN words to express ideas. 

Paraphrasing is not just changing random words in the sentence, and it is not about merely rearranging sentences in your argumentative essay examples. You actually need to get your hands dirty and to do some hard work.

Here is how you can copy and paste without plagiarizing

  1. Read the text as many times as you can to fully understand what you want to write about.
  2. Only when you understand and have an idea of how your paper is going to flow, share your ideas with your friend or a classmate. This way they can sort of grade you on how you did on paraphrasing.
  3. After you become successful in that, write the material on a piece of paper. This way you will not forget your ideas. The above approach is the beginning of how to copy and paste without plagiarizing.

Second way is actually simple to learn as well. Start taking notes on what you want to paraphrase and save your ideas so that you don’t forget the essence or core thoughts of yours. Next day, when you are paraphrasing argumentative essay examples, use these notes. 

The above ways of how to paraphrase don’t help everyone, though. Some students just can’t understand the passage they are reading or they need a different approach on how to copy and paste without plagiarizing.

Perhaps, you may need to go through this process several times to create a satisfactory paraphrased article.

Professional writers mastering the buy argumentative essay traits

Our professional writers advise that your own ideas should be the centerpiece of your writing. In other words, when searching for information online, you must remember that the articles you find should not overshadow your ideas.

Experts call such cases ‘unintended plagiarism’.

What is means is that you might be using a lot of external sources, while your own ideas are a few in the paper you present as your own. Unintended plagiarism is when someone edits two or more different sources and presents it as his or her work.

When you take someone else’s ideas from argumentative essay examples, the reader may get confused. Don’t get me wrong: you should use as many outside sources as you can find, but the trick is to remember not to let other sources take over your own ideas. That is the beauty of copying and pasting without plagiarism. 

Writing is a challeniging task

Here is the crazy part about this: when writing a paper of any kind, it could get really challenging. If using just one source of argumentative essay examples, you might get accused of plagiarism. Using multiple examples shows the variety of ideas used; in such case, you will not have to worry about plagiarism. This is another useful way of how to copy and paste without plagiarizing – using multiple academic sources. 

Last but not least, you have to be critical when writing.

This way you will strive for the best. Read your paper over and over again, and check how many quotations, paraphrased material, or summaries from argumentative essay examples you have used. Think about it this way -- if you have used many sources and quotations, will they help you prove your thesis? Alternatively, having few sources, will that help you argue your thesis? What I’m trying to say is that you can’t have too many or too few sources and quotations, everything must be reasonable and support your own writing. 

Too many quotations and too little analysis

The common mistake I see in students’ papers is that quotations are used all over the place, while failing to explain the meaning of the quotations. Often, students use numerous quotations because they look good. You should summarize or paraphrase the material in your own words and use the citation only if it actually makes sense. Try paraphrasing in a fewer words so that your writing does not loose its meaning. This doesn’t come to everyone right away, but if you practice every day, you will eventually get better. 

Primary and secondary sources

There are two types of sources: primary and secondary. You have to make sure that you know the difference between the two. In high school, teachers will only teach how to quote from a secondary source. For example, if you are writing about jazz music or the Roman Empire, and let’s say you have an argumentative essay example in front of you, teachers will explain how to quote from an article or an online source you found.

However, not very often will they show you where to find books about other genres of music to compare and contrast your sources. Students in disciplinary hearings sometimes claim that they didn’t know that ideas or words from secondary sources require citation, or that they thought such material was common knowledge.

To avoid misunderstanding, you must always distinguish your own words and ideas from the words and ideas of others, whether using primary or secondary source. 

In the previous articles published at OwnEssays.com blog, you learned the correct definition of plagiarism. In this blog, we will outline useful information on how you can avoid plagiarism, that is ultimately how to copy and paste without plagiarism. First thing that you want to do is to write down your ideas on a piece of paper, put them in front of you on the table, and keep them there when you are writing. 

Proper outline makes a difference

Start by transforming your ideas into notes and then form an outline; the aim is to determine If you can make an argument with these ideas, and decide If you can defend it.

Write about something that is close to your heart, something you are passionate about. For example, when I write an essay, I typically write about music because I love music, it is my passion. Find the best topic for you and think about it for a little while. Then, take a break. Go for a walk or just sit outside and think about something else other than your paper. If needed, look up various argumentative essay examples on music. This will help you clear your mind. When you return to writing you might have fresh ideas. What is more, if I were to write an essay on music, I would go to a music concert.

This would give me even more ideas to help me write the paper. It is import that you have note-cards and a pen to be able to write down your ideas. You may be not thinking about your paper, but ideas may come at any time. Write them down. When you write your essay, take those notes you have and put use in your essay. Then, you can start supporting your ideas by having some evidence. However, f you don’t have enough information, then you can go ahead and use external sources. 

To make sure that you are writing about something that you are passionate and care about, make sure you use the sources that support your claim. 

Use your own ideas

Many students make a mistake of using other ideas as their own when writing. As we have discussed above, your ideas are the central part of your work. A typical mistake is when students choose the topic and then spend too much time surfing the internet or searching the library for articles on the topic.

They find good information, but they basically use others’ ideas as their own. You need to be careful and learn how to copy and paste without plagiarizing. After all of the information is organized, many of us try using as many quotes as possible, In such case, our ideas are lost because we have relied on the ideas of others. We also do this because we do not believe in ourselves. 
Eventually, I became better at writing, and my confidence grew because I found that I could write an essay on my own, without using too many of external sources. Only when I was finished, I would use external sources to build a counter argument. Such approach shows that your ideas are at the center of your writing. 

Argumentative essay examples will teach you many things as well. One of them is that the writer ought to create a simple-to-use outline to help the reader navigate through the content. Treat the reader as your smartest and most adored and loved child. A reader must never guess; your thoughts should be as clear as the summer sky.

You never have the reader puzzled by the implied meaning of your essay; your reader must love your ideas and writing. If you’re moving to the next section, make clear transitions to once again guide your reader.