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Overcoming Writing Procrastination 

What is Procrastination? 

Procrastination is an act of putting things such as your argumentative essay for English 101 class for a later date.

And this doesn't happen just one time, tomorrow you will probably say the same thing. It's a never ending cycle. J. K. Rowling, a prominent writer, once said, “Procrastination is one of the deadliest diseases and it's your heaviest burden and block on the road to success and happiness.”

Our behavior and attitude towards a project or an argumentative essay for English 101are the main reasons for procrastination.

It's critical, for example, to make your argumentative essay on psychology a priority in your daily schedule. This way you can write, perhaps, one paragraph per day or one page per day, depending on how big the project is and how many days you have to do it. 

A number of recent studies show that only 10% of faculty members start working on their writing project in an effective way. The other 90%, having the same requirements, don't start working on the project on time because of their attitude towards the project. These studies show that our the fear of unknown, which works though fears and anxieties, makes us prioritize other things, which are not as important actually. 

Laziness plays a big part in procrastination.

When you are in general a lazy person, of course, you are going to put everything until the last minute. Then you start working on your project. And what do we get when we write a 10 page paper in 12 hours when we had at least 2 weeks to do it… not a very good paper and not a very high grade either.

A low grade leads to another poor grade, which, in turn leads to negative attitude towards the project; at the end of the day, you start feeling depressed because you haven’t done anything right.

It is all not necessarily true – you might be an amazing writer, but you may be affected by procrastination and related habits. 

What are the steps of becoming productive in your studies or when writing an argumentative essay on psychology?
There are many articles on how to become an effective and productive writer. Most of the advices given come down to a few simple steps.

These steps basically are:

  1. Do not overthink 
  2. Start writing right away
  3. Revise until you’re happy wit your content
  4. Remember – doing is much more important than thinking

Still, just knowing all these simple steps to begin writing your argumentative essay for English 101 might not be enough. Even the best scholars tend to procrastinate. It seems crazy to think that even the best writers face difficulties writing. It’s true, I’ve talked to some of them and it’s just getting difficult writing all of the time, especially if it is just for one project. 

Why Me? 

We tend to think that procrastination occurs in the beginning of the writing process, but I have seen it the other way when students were almost finished with their argumentative essay for English 101 and started asking questions, such as «Why me?» «Did I do this right?» etc. After days of working on an argumentative essay on psychology, we just feel tired and think that our essay is not good enough, basically we feel like we are «stuck». 

When you are in this kind of situation, you ask even more questions like, “Why Me?”, “How can I write an essay better than my classmates?” or “Is this something that people will read?” or “What this essay will do for Me?”

This kind of feeling is actually common and it even has a name: Imposter Syndrome.

Even the best academic writers have these feeling because they have an impression they have failed in writing even though they could be the best writers on the planet. To learn more about how to overcome these feelings, consult us for a one-on-one consultation or writing help session. 
It really amazes me that procrastination appears when you are almost done writing your argumentative essay for English 101 class. It, honestly, happens for a reason.

Perhaps, you are just insecure about writing in general or writing this particular paper somehow affects you in an adverse way. When you pick a subject to write an argumentative essay on psychology, do you choose what you known best or what you feel during certain moment in your life? This is what you need to know, because we may easily deceive ourselves . 

Seeing the Bigger Picture 

After you finish your draft on an argumentative essay on psychology, you have to check it for mistakes, grammar and stylistic errors. When you are doing this, you just want to get done with the process. You look at the work as one whole piece, but it in reality you need to check every single detail. Carefully proofreading and editing  your essay may easily make you want to procrastinate. 

If you ask me, how to overcome procrastination, answer is simple- “Find what motivates you”.

If you like reading, motivate yourself by reading. Tell yourself, OK, I’m going to finish this essay and then, as a reward, I will read for half a day. If you like walking, write an essay in the park, and the motivation will be vivid for you then. If you don’t procrastinate, you will feel amazing and will definitely experience that some the pressure that you had is gone. Every time you feel like that you have done something in an effective way, be proud and praise yourself. 

If you experience any of the issues depicted above, you can request professional books and articles on the subject from; we have a lot of resources available to help you overcome the problem of procrastination. Writing an argumentative essay for English 101 class is easier than you think.

When you are feeling “stuck”, you just have to push yourself every time or have somebody else to help you push yourself. Positive attitude towards your work will also help. Don’t be hard on yourself. 

All in all, procrastination still remains a big problem for many young and experienced writers alike. The solution is simple, though- act and motivate yourself. Be honest about your feelings and motivations. We are only alive to the degree we allow ourselves to be alive.