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How to write an essay

Is essay writing a scary thing for you to do?

Experienced academic writers would say, “Yes, it is not a simple task for students.” In order to write an essay, students should follow simple steps, and we provide you with the best argumentative essay examples to accomplish your essay writing task with ease.

What essay writing involves vary from one subject to another, but there are key principles which help you to write regularly and effectively. 

Essay writing made easy if you takes into account meaning and purpose of the writing, which you then carefully weighs. Successful essays are based on writer’s experience and meaning, literature and philosophy, self and other. Essay writing reflects a way of life and requires a student to be creative and original.     

If you decide to describe a process, such as how to start small business, make sure that your paragraphs are in the correct order. Also, review instructions for your essay and read argumentative essay samples written by professional writers. Professors often provide students with different writing samples and essay formats, and you must check instructions to ensure that your essay meets the classic structural requirements.

Essay writing made easy when you clearly define: what is the purpose of an essay, what is the writing process, and what is the relationship between the logical parts?

Essay writing made easy when you follow simple steps: 

  1. Choose an essay topic
  2. Prepare an Outline (brainstorm ideas)
  3. Write a Thesis Statement (in a question form)
  4. Write an Essay Body 
    1. Write a topic sentence for each of the body paragraphs
    2. Cite sources 
  5. Write an Introduction
  6. Write a Conclusion
  7. Proofread the essay and correct mistakes 

This simple essay writing outline equips you and helps to organize a research process, write respectable, publishable quality works in future.

When you choose a topic, you should think about the type of an essay and the general approach you will select for your writing.

The main types of essays are:

  • narrative essays (telling a story),
  • descriptive essay (painting a picture),
  • expository essays (just facts),
  • persuasive essays (persuade readers).

You should clearly state the purpose of your essay and decide whether the purpose of the essay is to describe, entertain, or explain. If you want to educate your audience, find a subject that you have already known much about. If you want to persuade readers, select a subject that you are passionate about.

Whatever the thesis of an essay, make sure that your audience is interested in your topic. Essay writing made easy if you carefully research your topic and evaluate facts and sources. 

When you write the body paragraphs, outline the paper’s key points.

The topic sentence of the first paragraph of the body is not the strongest point. Write two or three paragraphs (dependent on paper length) discussing the first idea in-depth.

The most important is to support each paragraph with research, facts, examples, and cite all sources using a proper format. The last sentence of each body paragraph is a transitional one. The last one sums up the facts, while also introducing a new topic. The second paragraph and its topic sentence is also not the strongest point.

Essay writing made easy when you study the structure and form of argumentative essay examples. The third paragraph is the strongest point and the argument of the essay. The writer usually discusses the most important and the strongest idea supported by research, facts, and examples in this very paragraph.

The most important is to sum up the idea and give readers a hint that the essay is coming to a conclusion.

Now, it is time to write an introductory paragraph. You have already developed the thesis statement and wrote overall body of an essay.

Experienced writers give students a piece of advice to show the focus of the essay in the introductory paragraph.

Students can use any way to express their ideas and summarize facts, but they must be sure the introduction ties in with your thesis statement, which is the last sentence of your introductory paragraph. In order to become an experience writer, you should train regularly your writing skills and improve your writing. There is a body of knowledge and a set of writing techniques for imparting this knowledge.

Even the worst essay could be saved by editing. Many Internet sources and writing guides provide a means of enquiring into how it comes to serve the needs of writers in terms of apprenticeship, and what theoretical disciplines are required for successful writing. The main piece of advice is to plan your essay and follow simple steps for essay writing.     

An appealing "hook", a thesis statement and carefully selected subtopics are the main keys which can help you to impress readers at once. Don’t forget to support details or examples with sources, reverse "hook," and paraphrase a thesis statement. You should be able to respond to a thesis in an organized way in a limited amount of time.


A conclusion may be similar to an introductory paragraph, and reminds of both the problem and the solution. The aim of the conclusion is to sum up facts and findings while providing a final viewpoint on the thesis statement. Writers recommend students to write four or five strong sentences for this part. Just try to review your main points and restate your thesis.

Essay writing made easy when you carefully reread your essay. Proofread your essay and correct grammar and spelling mistakes.     

Finally, restate the key points of the paper. 

The most important thing is to avoid new information and do not introduce new thoughts into the concluding paragraph. It is just a reiteration of the Thesis. Restate the main ideas and the thesis in different words and leave the reader with your final thought that applies to the thesis. Essay writing involves drafting and revising as some of the practices for polished pieces of writing.

Be creative and enjoy what you do!