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Argumentative Essay Sample: Bribery and Ethics

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Argumentative Essay Sample

The definition of bribery brings about an act of corruption, which covers the acceptance of financial gains or favors in exchange for official action. The main influence of the monetary gain is to ensure that the favorable actions are influenced in either an individual capacity or in the context of a person who is holding a public office. The matter of bribery can be best analyzed in the context of how it affects the public by serving the interests of private individuals. Based on the definition provided by the majority of the law enforcement agencies, bribery constitutes a crime for both the person offering and receiving the favor or monetary gain. 

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This paper argues that bribery is unethical, immoral, and illegal practice, which should be completely banned in the world practices as it hurts the interests of the public and creates favorable environment for serious crime development.

Arguments AGAINST bribery 

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According to Transparency International, an organization operating on the global arena to combat corruption, bribery is a form of corruption that brings about unfair allocation of resources to create gains for the selected parties involved in exchange for political or personal favors. An analysis by the organization shows that corruption is prevalent in every country, but its extent in developing countries is higher as compared to developed states.

Therefore, a majority of the governments have made bribery and corruption a topic of interest covered by local and international agencies.

For a country such as the United States, bribery is an act that illegal, with laws such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Anti-Bribery Convention designed to combat this practice. Both American and foreign companies that are conducting business in the United States are subject to prosecution in the event that the officials are involved in bribery. Bribery extends to cover kickbacks and extortions received in the context of business for favors awarded or expected. However, the enforcement of anti-bribery laws in a majority of the countries is still insufficient despite continues debate on what constitutes a bribe. 
Argumentative essay bribery
    Argumentative essays on bribery show that the effectiveness of the fight against this practice is reduced as a result of corruption. A look at the long term effects of investments, both domestic and foreign, shows that bribery adversely affects talent development and distorts income as well as the technological progress in the emerging markets.

For instance, there is ample research available in the form of argumentative essay samples illustrating that bribery has been observed to provide incentives that result in contracting various redundant and costly projects (especially in the building and infrastructure ).

  1. The unnecessary projects are undertaken at the expense of services that are needed, especially in rural areas such as health and sanitation.
  2. The overall effect is to push the companies that are enacting useful infrastructure projects out of the budget allocation spectrum and, therefore, weaken the ability of a state to increase revenue.
  3. The state ends up in increasing taxes, which are eventually passed on the taxpayers, increasing poverty and decreasing the ability of the government to provide public goods and enforce the rule of law.

Argumentative essay sample    

Institutions and researchers have conducted numerous studies investigating bribery as a form of corruption and its impact on the microeconomic and macroeconomic situation in the country; the results clearly indicated there is an adverse effect of bribery on the lives of people on a daily basis. Studies have alluded to the negative effects on the economic indicators such as GDP growth, employment, investments, both foreign and domestic, as well as tax revenues.

Bribery has been associated with high levels of corruption and therefore resulting in high political, economic and social costs. It is a weakness of the institution that is driven by people who lack the moral authority to follow the rule of law. The people involved in bribery fail to obstruct the temptations and the greed that is within them.

Arguments FOR bribery

Argumentative essay sample bribery

Bribery in the form of kickbacks has been known to grease the wheels of businesses, especially in developing nations. In countries where corruption is prevalent, bribery helps to ensure that the necessary documents to conduct business are easily acquired. In the process, bribery ensures there are shortcuts to acquiring business documents in the minimum time possible.

Furthermore, the people at the operational levels often benefit from bribery to ensure that they maintain a business approach that benefits the local and the community at large. Nevertheless, the positive aspects of bribery are minimal as compared to the negative attributes that bribery brings along, especially in the long term perspective.

It is for the same reason that governments are up in arms to ensure that there is transparency in the private and public business sectors.

Concluding arguments

Buy argumentative essay bribery

Bribery essay sample 

The concept of bribery and corruption at large has been mirrored in the second half of the 20th century based on emerging issues around economic development and democratization. The trends realized have brought about an increased focus on the link between the performance of official duties and misconducts by public officials.

One of the key elements that have made possible the change is the clear understanding that connection exists between the levels of corruption and the overall quality of governance as examined across nations. The negative effect on investments, growth, and expenditure of the government has brought about an increase in the inequality of income distribution and the slowing effect in addressing the poverty levels. Multinational organizations operating at the international platforms have the best experience in dealing with bribery and corruption; their experience cab be used by the governments to tackle the problem.