Argumentative Essay Example: Globalization – Advantages and Challenges  

Argumentative Essay Example: Globalization – Advantages and Challenges  
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Globalization creates ample opportunities for individuals to get access to new products, material resources, and information. Globalization constructs social worlds of non-localized networks. The integration of markets and free trade forms global community and involves citizens in the social life of intricate webs of social ties through various means such as Internet and free communication. The concept of the global society is closely connected and linked to the notion of globalization. The global culture is emerging because of unprecedented changes in technology and transportation opportunities. 

Argumentative essay thesis statement:

In global context, globalization brings both positive and negative results; it is a most welcomed phenomenon for the developed nations, while presenting numerous challenges for the developing nations and indigenous communities. 

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Arguments FOR globalization

Globalization is an important aspect of modern social and economic redevelopment as one of the most influential forces determining the future of global society. Globalization involves all areas of public and cultural life. The basic spheres of globalization are the international economic, cultural, and social system, which directly impact global manufacture, national economies, and the world market. The expansion of globalization brings numerous benefits to developed countries: 

  • faster economic growth
  • higher standard of life
  • social and cultural opportunities to popularize their culture and traditions

Nevertheless, resources available through globalization are distributed irregularly within the countries, resulting in polarization between winners and losers grow. In this situation, international government will have to support and control the process of globalization and its impact on other countries. 

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Arguments AGAINST globalization

The main disadvantage of globalization is that the third world countries are too weak to effectively monitor globalization processes, while developed countries determine norms and rules of the globalization pace. Global development always reflected the factors generated by global influencing of the capital. It is possible to speak about such phenomenon as cultural globalization. Westernization means total economic and cultural globalization, which together create a stream of the cultural blessings.

What is quite clear is that there is much to be gained from breaking these barriers across national boundaries and economic and strategic issues.

Nevertheless, any independent state is unable to control global processes and global technological development. In this situation neither national government nor people are able to control and manage globalization. For this reason, the international government should be seen as a unified organization which reflects expectations and necessities of national governments and world’s population. 

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Arguments FOR globalization

Globalization forces a social change, brining new values, traditions, norms and behavioral patterns to foreign countries. High standards of living, quality health, and education became available for millions of people and became an example of high standards of living worldwide.  Globalization affects cultural diversity and allows less developed nations to acquire and assess global cultural knowledge. From positive perspectives, globalization has a great and positive impact on cultural diversity as it brings new values and principles to other nations.

On the global scale, people become conscious of growing manifestations of social interdependence and the huge acceleration of social interactions.

As a part of my global identity, globalization transforms my understanding of culture; it changes cultural and political spheres, transforms democratic values and promotes western life style. 

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Globalization challenges

The 21th century marked a new era based on rapidly developing technologies and increased power of the global community. The global society exists because millions of people in different parts of the world share similar values and traditions. Changes are inevitable and local communities and countries perceive and understand these transformations and accept new ideas. Media networks control the global culture and provide less developed nations with cultural products and new vision of reality. They believe that cultural globalization facilitates the emergence of international social forces and new global culture. 

Such phenomenon as the global culture exists because people in different geographical areas 

  • wear similar clothes
  • read the same books
  • listen to the same music 
  • and watch similar films. 

Even before the ‘discovery’ of the phenomenon of globalization and the global culture, the issue of convergence versus divergence in cultural practices has been researched. Globalization erases cultural and social differences and leads to development of a unified global culture accepted by millions of people around the world. 

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The rapid expansion of global activity can be explained solely by natural law of the cultural development or to the rapid expansion of computer technology. Globalization has not changed the world; instead, it opens new opportunities for me and others to be a part of the global community.

Globalization offers flexible employment strategies; individuals across the globe are free to choose their preferred country of employment. Certainly, restrictions exist: a man from rural China is not readily accepted on the Wall Street, for example. 

However, any person in the world at least has the opportunity to move and work at a different place, if he or she really strives.
The globalization is influenced by substantial changes in technological solutions and communication facilities. Technological advances and improved communication facilities permit people from all over the world to share their experiences and ideas. The global society permits proliferation of American and European values into small communities. Media alliances and conglomerates produce products sold on the global scale and people have an opportunity to consume and buy products from all over the world. 

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These transformations are reflected in TV industry, film industry, mass media and theater.  The global society exists because people in different geographical areas wear similar cloths, read the same books, listen to the same music and watch similar films. Social networks in the Internet can serve as the basis for urban social groups even if they are neither geographically based nor permanent. People can buy products from all over the world and sell goods via such online giants as eBay or Amazon. The main benefits of globalization are that global community allows individuals develop relations with others from all over the world. Globalization transforms the world and links different geographical areas technologically and culturally.